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QAFILA: A Success Story of Modernized Logistics

Owing to its soaring vision, forward-thinking and strong commitment, Qafila won the Logistics of The Year Award in 2019. Qafila is a digital age freight and Logistics Company, the first of its kind in the UAE which is designed to enhance customer experience, streamline operational efficiencies and provide around the clock customer support through its system. By excelling in customer service and offering modern logistics solutions, Qafila became the perfect candidate for this award.

Simplification of Logistics:

Qafila not only moves freight it simplifies logistics. It uses technology to offer a digital freight and logistics platform where it currently supports FCL (Full Container Load) by the ocean with plans to expand into air shipments and LCL Less Container Load) by 2020.

Values and motives:

The platform is designed to enhance the customer experience, streamline operational efficiencies and provide around the clock customer support. Qafila’s platform offers shippers instant quotes, the convenience of online booking, management of shipment and finally track and trace across the supply chain with live notifications on a mobile app. This allows a shipper to create operational efficiencies, saving them not only time but cost in man-hours through a very transparent process.


The gratitude for the award was expressed in the following words “We are honored by this recognition by the experts in our field. As a startup, this encourages us to continue to pursue our milestones and deliver a service that will help our customers and ecosystem. We are grateful for the support we continue to starting Qafila and our ongoing journey” said Jithin Manoharan and Atif Rafiq, Co-founders of Qafila.

Co-founders of Qafila

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