Qafila aims to become the Careem of UAE’s freight forwarding industry

Careem of UAE's Freight Forwarding Industry

Dubai-based tech startup – Qafila – is slowly taking on the elephants in the UAE freight forwarding industry and eventually become the Careem of moving freight.

Careem is a tech company that moves people and in the business of simplifying people’s mobility but Qafila is a tech company that moves goods and in the business of simplifying mobility of freight, Atif Rafiq, CEO, and Co-founder of Qafila, told TechRadar Middle East.

“To search something on the internet, we say Google it and in the same way, we want to be synonymous as Google or Careem and people should say ‘let us Qafila’ to move freight,” he said.

Qafila is an Arabic word and it means a caravan to move goods.

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