Why Use a Freight Broker – Everything You Need to Know

Why Use a Freight Broker – Everything You Need to Know

If you’re dealing in trade, then more often than not, these questions might have crossed your mind: why go for a freight broker? Or do I even need the assistance of a freight broker? A freight broker organizes cargo transportation between a carrier and a transporter. 

In return, he/she gets a little commission for assisting the exchange. Let’s discuss everything about the freight broker so you can tell if you want to use the services of one or not. 

Reasons to Use a Freight Broker.  

There are numerous reasons regards why getting the assistance of a freight broker could be useful. Some analysts suggest that hiring a 3PL adds productivity in the operations. It is common knowledge that efficiency is the tenet that promotes a business, so why not seek a freight broker’s help? Some other important reasons to use a freight broker are discussed below. 

Expertise and skills  

Transportation is the thing that freight brokers are experts in; it’s their primary duty. Freight broker’s assistance can help you know about the best practices and offer better experiences. They keep themselves consistently updated regarding the latest transportation practices and technology to help you take advantage of. They are experts in how to protect cargo with pre-qualified transporters through their organization.  

Existing Business Contacts 

Since freight brokers are experts in transportation procedures, the connections and contacts they have can be beneficial for you. They’re there to serve you as their client, so they have the ability to  

  • Give volume discounts  
  • Lower transportation expenses.  

They can also provide you with access to an internal transportation division that generally isn’t accessible or can be expensive. 

Benefits of Using a Freight Broker

There are many benefits to using a freight broker. How about we go through how freight brokers can be extraordinary partners to have and in what cases you don’t need one. Some of them are discussed below: 

Saves Money and Resources  

Being cost-efficient, a freight broker’s assistance can help save money and resources for an organization. Using the assistance of a freight broker, it can feel like you have a transportation division without caring about investing in having a shipping department in your company. Moreover, a freight broker can help one save money spent on things that are crucial when you are shipping on your own, including 

  • Invoices  
  • Reviews and audits 
  • Preparation and training of staff 
  • Computers systems for shipping 
  • Equipment 

A freight broker can help save money on transportation too. The information and contacts that organizations have can help them secure lower rates than you would get as a one-off transporter.  

Saves time 

If you are picking an expert freight broker, you can be guaranteed that your products will be conveyed on schedule. Even though it may cost you a greater expense for picking a good organization, the services given will be of better quality, which will guarantee a secure and convenient transit of your items. While hurdles may appear, they are very uncommon when working with a professional freight forwarder as they will likely find the fastest way to transport your items on time. 


Instead of distracting your attention from your business to deal with freight transportation, why not have experts do it for you? Since moving things proficiently and practically is what cargo agents do each day, it makes sense that they’ll be best prepared to deal with your transportation needs. At the same time, you pay attention to developing your business and keeping your customers glad.  

Technological solutions

Freight brokers are consistently in contact with transporters and carriers. This persistent contact keeps them updated about the requirements of the carriers as well as the transporters. Freight brokers can sometimes also offer to track and trace shipments. You don’t need to do more signing into sites or calling terminals on the telephone to discover where freight is.  

They know different carriers:  

Freight brokers have a broad transporter network worldwide and in pretty much every mode of business transportation. You can save time and effort on investigating timetables and estimating charges of numerous transporters; you can get all these services from a single place.  

They can efficiently handle shipping issues: 

In case any issues may arise with your shipments, regardless of whether it be timing, harms, evaluating, etc., freight brokers can streamline things with transporters. Brokers will likewise deal with the legal procedures of transportation. They can deal with claims, stock issues, agreements, and documentation too. 

Greater adaptability and scalability 

The freight broker can provide both the shipper and the carrier with a stress-free environment as they wouldn’t have to worry about the peak or low season. According to the business need, the freight broker can supply whether the cargo is in a big or small amount. So there’s no reason to worry over irregularity, unpredictable spikes in seasons. 

Should I use a freight broker: 

Transporters have a genuinely wide scope of options when dealing with supply chains. As of now, you may be using a freight broker, or you may be wondering about using one.  

Freight brokers can add worth and flexibility to your supply chain operations, which in turn can help you gain a competitive edge in the market. In case your company is not excellent at shipping, you can trust a freight broker with all your logistics and transportation operations.  

Why do companies use freight brokers?  

85% of Fortune 500 organizations use the assistance of 3PL, including freight brokers. It’s a cause-and-effect relationship. Rather than dealing with the various parts of transportation and cargo coordination, a freight broker can handle the transportation cycle from beginning to end. A freight broker can manage everything, including  

  • Arranging shipments,  
  • Searching for the most suitable charges, 
  • Recognizing the ideal method of transportation 
  • Ensuring your items are secured,  

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Working with a freight broker allows organizations to smooth out supply chain operations. 

disadvantages of using a freight broker  

There can be many disadvantages to using a freight forwarder. 

Reliability issues 

A few freight brokers can give you the least expensive cost to get your business, even though it may not be the best transportation method or may not be accessible when it comes time for your shipment. So it is better to be careful about choosing the right freight broker to assist you. 

Stress and worry 

One always remains doubtful about a freight forwarding organization, no matter how good its reputation is. The risk is justified in many cases as you are entrusting goods worth a huge amount of money to outsiders trusting that they will convey it at the assigned time. Regardless of the number of shipments that an organization has sent in the past, it is human instinct to stress. You may fear the odds of mishaps happening while your shipment is adrift and are probably going to remain strained until your shipment arrives at your client’s place.  

Lack of information or miscommunication 

Miscommunication may happen between the owner of the shipment and the forwarder because of various reasons. In case there are any loopholes in information exchange, the consequences can be worse.  

Information inadequacies are one of the main reasons for the delay in sea shipments. It may be because of the loss of data because of translation between dialects or during the transit. These absences can likewise defer the transit by weeks, which could seriously harm your reputation with your customers.  

Pricing issues 

Even though it is an unsafe methodology, you can directly command your expense if you transport the cargo and documentation yourself. While utilizing a cargo forwarder, you can never make certain about the extra money they can add to your expenses.  

No Regulations  

The exact opposite thing that you ought to know about is that the cargo business is not appropriately controlled in certain pieces of the world, and a wide range of under the table arrangements happen. This implies there is consistently a great danger of your items getting damaged, taken, or seized before they can arrive at your destinations.  

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Freight Broker Success Rate  

The freight forwarding industry has been consistently developing for quite a while, and with the flood of new technology and business managing devices, the field is ready for further development in the coming years. Many people with expertise in the transportation and logistics field are attracted to cargo management because of  

  • fewer obstructions to enter into the market 
  • fewer startup costs 
  • the increasing need for cargo management for different companies 

The success tips shared by some of the most acclaimed freight forwarding companies are  

  • To earn a specialization in the field and then utilize your available knowledge to succeed. 
  • Share the knowledge as this will add to your reputation and prove that you are an expert in your field. This can attract potential customers. 
  • Focus on your customer services. 

But not all the freight forwarders succeed. The reasons can be many. Some of them are 

  • Lack of capital 
  • Not incorporating the latest technology 
  • Lacking marketing skills 
  • Mismanagement 
  • The incompetent or altogether wrong business model 

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