Understanding the Best Practices for Reducing Car Container Shipping Costs

car container shipping

Car container shipping refers to shipping vehicles in large containers through well-coordinated global routes and it is one of the most popular means of shipping a vehicle from one destination to another. There are many factors that can influence the auto shipping cost and understanding these factors can be helpful in finding ways to reduce the overall cost involved in container shipping of vehicles. Auto shipping through containers is slightly more expensive than the traditional RORO (Roll On / Roll Off) shipping of the vehicles, however, the container shipping costs can be reduced by following some useful practices.

 Here are the best practices that can be followed for reducing car container shipping costs.

Using Racking Systems to Maximize the Shipping Volume

It is important to note that shipping containers have their specific vehicle carrying capacity, however, the maximum available capacity can be increased with the use of different kinds of racking systems. There are two common options available for racking i.e. wood racking and steel racking. While wood racking is less costly, steel racking is more reliable, however, both racking systems can be used to stuff multiple vehicles inside a container.   

Wood Racking System

It is one of the most affordable racking systems that can be used to increase the container shipping volume so that more cars can be stuffed inside it. Wood racking is a preferred option for a number of customers due to its versatility and affordability. While wood racking can be useful in increasing the shipping volume of a container, it cannot be considered as the most reliable racking system.

Since wood can be vulnerable to splintering and snapping under pressure, the wood racking system can potentially collapse in a worst-case scenario, which can cause serious damage to vehicles being stuffed inside the container. In general, wood racking systems are safe and play an important role in stuffing multiple vehicles in the same container.

Steel Racking Systems

Different types of vehicles have different dimensions and sizes, which also factors in stuffing a specific number of vehicles inside a container. With the use of steel racking systems, the space inside a container can be maximized and multiple vehicles can be stuffed inside the containers quite easily. Steel racking systems are robust and can be fixed appropriately inside a container so that they don’t damage the vehicles.

The import and export of cars in containers usually require fumigation of the containers, particularly when the wooden racking systems are used. Fumigation is the method of killing harmful pests, termites and other living organisms so that they are not transferred while shipping the vehicles. Fumigation is usually not required when steel racking systems are used, which can further reduce the overall car container shipping costs. While steel racking offers value for money, it must be noted that this type of racking system is slightly more costly as compared to the traditional wood racking system.

Container Sharing Can Reduce Car Container Shipping Cost

Container sharing is one of the most popular methods for reducing shipping cost of vehicles. By sharing containers, customers can also share different fees and taxes involved in car container shipping, which can reduce the overall shipping costs significantly. The shipping cost for container shipping of vehicles involves the following major fees:

  • Port Fees
  • Document Fees
  • Security Fees
  • Gate Fees
  • Terminal Handling Charges
  • Stuffing and Clearance Charges
  • Customs and Haulage

It is important to understand that most of these fees remain the same, regardless of the size or dimensions of the containers. This is the reason why container sharing can be an ideal option to reduce shipping costs of vehicles. For an instance, two vehicles can be shipped inside a 40-inch container on the basis of container sharing in place of shipping the vehicles independently in two containers that are 20-inch each in size. Container sharing can potentially half the costs involved in container shipping and can be one of the best practices to follow for reducing car container shipping costs.

Hiring Services of a Professional Freight Forwarding Company Can Reduce Auto Shipping Cost

This is one of the most important practices that can help in reducing car container shipping costs significantly. A professional freight forwarding company can evaluate all the available options and make the ideal plan for shipping of a specific number of vehicles from one destination to another. The freight forwarding companies provide customers with the support to choose the most reliable yet affordable options for container shipping of their vehicles and also handle the entire paperwork, which can make the whole process completely hassle-free.

These companies have extensive industry experience and comply with the best industry practices to figure out shipping solutions for customers on the basis of their budget and other preferences. In this way, customers can save their time and money by shipping vehicles through a professional freight forwarding service provider.  

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