Logistics and Supply Chain Trends – September 2023

Panama Canal’s Water Level Impact on Ocean Freight Diversity

The Panama Canal is encountering lower water levels, necessitating a reevaluation of ocean freight routes. Diminished water levels are curbing ship carrying capacity, possibly leading to delays and elevated expenses. This dynamic has prompted shipping entities to explore alternative routes, spotlighting the necessity for adaptable supply chain strategies. 

Pioneering Wind-Powered Cargo Ships by Cargill and Bartech

Cargill and Bartech are trailblazing wind-powered cargo vessels in response to ecological concerns. These ships, engineered to harness wind energy, hold the potential to substantially curtail carbon emissions and environmental impact within the shipping sector. This inventive approach underscores a mounting commitment to sustainable transportation solutions, underscoring the sector’s contribution to addressing climate change. 

Ocean Freight Overview– September 2023

++ Strong Increase 
+ Moderate Increase 
= No Change 
 Moderate Decline 
 Strong Decline 


Middle East – North America

Volatile rates and tighter space from the Gulf may impact transit times. 

Capacity — (+) 

Rate — (=) 

Middle East – Asia

Capacity increasing month over month; rates generally remain flat to down. 

Capacity — (+) 

Rate — (=/-) 

Middle East – Europe   

Despite being a significant volume origin, ample space is available. 

Capacity — (=) 

Rate — (=) 

Middle East – Latin America    

Latin America poses challenges with flat to down rates and variable transit times at transshipment points. 

Capacity — (+) 

Rate — (-) 

Inbound Updates  

Asia – Middle East (H4)   

Tight space leads to stable rates throughout the month.  

Capacity — (=) 

Rate — (=) 

North America – Middle East    

Regular blank sailings from South Atlantic Port tightens space, but more options emerge on the Northeast Coast. Capacity improving outside US West and Gulf coasts.  

Capacity — (=) 

Rate — (=) 

Latin America – Middle East  

Relatively stable trade lane, but equipment shortage from Colombia. High demand leads to vessel bookings weeks ahead for North Europe services. 

Capacity — (=)  

Rate — (=) 

Europe – Middle East (H4)     

A stable trade lane with open space, capacity and spot rates remains flat month after month. 

Capacity — (=) 

Rate — (=) 

Air Freight Updates – September 2023

Demand: Volumes remain stagnant due to high inflation, excess inventories, and reduced purchasing power. A modest increase is anticipated in the upcoming peak season.  

Capacity: Current capacity meets demand. Belly capacity improves due to increased travel demand. Global capacity is up 12% from last month, without significant backlogs.   

Rates: Market rates are competitive with slight increases in some trade lanes. Long-term rates should stabilize in Q4 2023. 

The Middle East and Air Carriers

In June 2023, Middle East carriers displayed a notable resurgence, with cargo volumes experiencing a 0.5% upturn compared to the previous year. This marked a robust recovery from the 2.9% year-on-year decline observed in May 2023. Concurrently, capacity demonstrated substantial growth, expanding by 11.1% during the same period. 

Promisingly, both Middle East-Europe and Middle East-Asia routes exhibited annual growth. However, it is noteworthy that cargo demand for the initial half of 2023 encountered a decline of 5.6% in comparison to the previous year, despite a commendable capacity upsurge of 11.2%. 


The ongoing summer holidays have led to a considerable infusion of passenger capacity in the Asian sector. Regrettably, ad-hoc removal of freighter capacity is underway due to ongoing c-checks. 

Persistently, demand remains subdued and lacks vigor during the traditional slack season. This prevailing trend is poised to persist throughout September 2023, foreseeably experiencing a slight uptick toward the conclusion of the third quarter. 

Projections suggest a continuum of relatively stable rates until the end of the year. However, the potential for shifts in peak season demand looms, potentially influencing rate trajectories. Given the prevailing subdued demand juxtaposed with the expansion of indirect passenger capacity, the possibility of recurrent freighter cancellations remains pertinent. 


Stable US export demand aligns with available capacity. US-Asia capacity diversion to accommodate the cherry season in California and Washington may impact other routes. Q4 might see capacity adjustments due to reduced passenger travel. In Mexico, cargo-only aircraft relocation from AICM-MEX to AIFA-NLU, as directed by the government, triggers operational challenges. The relocation deadline is extended to September 1, 2023. 

In Latin America, abundant capacity in major trade routes due to reduced demand leads to competitive spot pricing. Contract rates are stable. Low season for perishables reduces northbound cargo demand. Ample southbound capacity from Miami offers aggressive spot pricing for shippers. 


Across Europe, Transatlantic capacity and demand retain their equilibrium, underpinned by consistent, subdued demand. This stability extends to European and United States exports. Notably, passenger aircraft capacity has peaked for the ongoing travel season, offering cost-saving prospects in the context of reduced demand. 

A cautionary aspect arises from EUROCONTROL, which oversees European airspace. It has signaled the possibility of air-traffic control labor strikes during the summer, carrying the potential to impact the entire region.  

Shipping News – United Arab Emirates – September 2023

The CMA CGM Group has introduced new peak season surcharges, starting September 17th, 2023. This strategic move is aimed at enhancing the reliability and efficiency of services for customers. Learn More 

The Dubai Maritime Authority (DMA) has enacted Administrative Decision No. 2 of 2023, delineating local sea container charges in Dubai. Read more details

Swire Shipping has made a notable advancement, enabling the transportation of electric vehicles within containers, subject to adherence to the IMDG Code and additional specified requirements. Read details here

Maersk UAE has taken proactive strides by launching an interactive live chat platform, facilitating seamless customer engagement for queries pertaining to exports and imports. Their dedicated operational hours span from 7am to 9pm (Monday to Friday) and 8am to 5pm (Saturday).  Read More 

Swire Shipping has instituted rigorous compliance measures for seamless exports from the Middle East. The BL shippers are requested to fulfill a sanction check questionnaire.  

DP World has unveiled forthcoming tariff adjustments for Jebel Ali Port and Mina Rashid, set to take effect from November 1st, 2023. This strategic decision is emblematic of their commitment to operational excellence. Read More 

Maersk, in adherence to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requirement, has initiated flexi bag approval verification. For nuanced insights applicable to this obligation, their dedicated teams are available. Import and cross-trade queries can be directed to ae.import@maersk.com, while export inquiries can be addressed via ae.export@maersk.com.  

Global Factory Output – Overview September 2023

The World Container Index (WCI) decreased by 3.5% and valued at USD1,768.33 for the last week of August 2023 for 4-ft containers.  

United States of America (USA)

In August 2023, the S&P Global US Composite PMI dipped to 50.4, below the anticipated 52.0, signaling weaker growth in the private sector. Manufacturing activity notably declined, and service sector growth slowed. Initial contraction in new orders in six months and reduced job creation attributed to inflation and high interest rates. Backlogs dropped at the fastest rate since May 2020. Input costs surged due to fuel, wage, and raw material expenses, though selling price inflation slowed. Despite challenges, US companies remained positive about future output due to stable interest rate expectations, rising client demand, and easing price pressures. 

United Kingdom (UK)

In August 2023, the S&P Global/CIPS UK PMI dropped to 47.9 from July’s 50.8, below the expected 50.3. This marked the most significant contraction in the UK’s private sector since January 2021, driven by a sharp decline in the service sector, fastest in 31 months, and prolonged manufacturing downturn for six months. New business inflows dropped substantially, and work backlogs decreased quickly. Private sector employment saw a slight increase, albeit at its slowest pace since March. Price dynamics showed slower cost and price inflation. Business confidence for future growth hit its lowest point since December 2022. 


In July 2023, the Caixin China General Composite PMI exhibited a decline to 51.9 from June’s 52.5. This signified the seventh consecutive month of expansion within the private sector, albeit at a slower pace than that observed since January. In a noteworthy divergence, the manufacturing segment underwent contraction for the first time in three months, while the service sector continued its growth trajectory for the seventh successive month. Importantly, the increase in new orders was the most modest in six months.  

Notable contrasts emerged as service providers experienced heightened sales growth, whereas factory orders contracted for the first time since April. Employment trends indicated a slight increment for the second consecutive month, spearheaded by the service sector, although manufacturers continued to reduce staffing. On the pricing front, marginal increases were recorded in input costs, while output charges sustained their decline for the fourth successive month. 

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

In July, the UAE’s non-oil economy showed a slight moderation in strength, with slower new business and output growth compared to June’s four-year high. The PMI reading of 56.0 indicated a healthy sector, driven by improved market conditions, strong customer demand, and job creation. Firms’ optimism for future growth remained high, despite a reduction in input costs leading to lower selling prices and increased stock levels. The data suggests continued expansion in the UAE’s non-oil sector for the latter half of the year, although a sustained decline in sales growth could signify the peak of demand. 

Global Interesting News – September 2023 

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