Car Export Service in Dubai

car export service

Exporting A Car From Dubai: 

Want to export your car from Dubai, but find the whole process troubling? More often than not, people like to relocate their vehicles with them when moving to another country temporarily or permanently. And most of the time people abandon this thought just because they find the whole exporting process perplexing. 

Qafila is here: 

Cheer up and don’t worry anymore as Qafila has simplified this process for you. All you need to do is sit back and relax while we look after all the procedures for you. Qafila has the best solution for hassle-free and cost-effective car shipping services. 

Which countries can we deliver your car to? 

 Qafila is a digital age freight and logistics company, the first of its kind in the UAE with amazing customer services. We cover almost all the major routes. We will make sure that your order is delivered with the best speed meanwhile maintaining the high quality of our customer service. We export cars from  Dubai to Oman, Dubai to Saudi Arabia and outside UAE including  Dubai to Europe, Dubai to the UK,  and from Dubai to the USA.  


We would evaluate all available options for you i.e. RORO, Container, by Air or by land freight and make the best plan to move your car from one point to another. Along with that we would handle all the outbound and Inbound customer related paperwork for you and offer the most reliable yet affordable services to our customers. The vehicle will be delivered to the target country either as temporarily or as a permanent export, depending on the requirement of the customer. To export a car from Dubai, the process can be a little tricky as every step in the logistics procedure including 

  • Handling 
  • Packing 
  • Crating needs professional attention. 

We never compromise on time or the security. 

Mode of Transportation 

There are multiple options available for car shipping and you can choose what suits you the best 

  • By road; a fleet of cars can carry it for you 
  • By sea; container shipping 
  • By air; which is quickest but costly 
  • By RORO services 

For example when transporting within countries like UAE, transporting a vehicle from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, it can be transported on a recovery truck. You can get moving plates that may work for 3 days in the abscence of number plates from RTA. Abu Dhabi likewise permits transport on a recovery truck.The cost really depends on the transportation and the country you are exporting the vehicle. 

Steps to export your car: 

The first thing to do is to make sure that the car you want to export is eligible in the country you are sending it to. The criterion of which is different for different countries. Some countries allow cars with older model engines and others can have less number of airbags than required by that country, if a car does not satisfy the prerequisites then it loses its eligibility.  

Select the car and its destination 

The first thing is to select the type and model of the car you want to export and the destination country where you want to send it. To save customers’ time and enhance their experience, Qafila can provide an immediate worldwide shipping price quote. You just need to select a country, city or port where you want to export your car. 

Track your Vehicle 

Qafila is a digital age freight and Logistics Company with around the clock customer support through its system.  You can track your order through our web and mobile application whenever and wherever you want. The information regarding your vehicle is readily available. Just enter the tracking number and voila! you can check the delivery status about your vehicle. 

Things to consider: 

Some other things to take care of are discussed below: 

  • Every country has different laws to deal with vehicle import. Many research suggests that exporting vehicles to non-GCC countries is more complicated than exporting the vehicle to one of the GCC countries.   
  • Exporting cars to non-GCC countries can sometimes prove to be troublesome due to the lack of spare parts availability. 
  • In some countries including the UK and South Asian countries like India and Pakistan, the cars have steers on the right side. So it’s better to decide on a car that’s suitable in the countries you are exporting it to. 
  • As discussed above that every country has different rules when it comes to letting a car inside their borders, it is more convenient and suitable to know about the import taxes and duties of that specific country prior to shipping. For instance, some countries have so high taxes that the cost of exporting a car is higher than the price of the car itself. Buying a new car in that country costs less than exporting a car there. It’s more financially savvy to know about these facts beforehand. 
  • There are certainly other things to look out for when exporting a car from Dubai to European countries and one of them is to ascertain that it doesn’t exceed the limit of the Exhaust Emission Level set by those countries. 

Required Documentation: 

For a smooth process, your first order of priority is to establish if this is permanent export or temporary export. Based on either choice you would have to produce the Original and copies of some documents. The first thing to have is a valid passport and a visa. Along with the passport-sized photos, the other documents that are required are 

  • Passport copies of both exporter and receiver 
  • For tourists, an authorized visit visa of UAE is required 
  • Authorized visa of the target country would be needed unless you are a citizen of that country 
  • Complete destination address 
  • Two working contact numbers 
  • A working email address 
  • An Export Certificate from RTA  
  • An Export Insurance Certificate (optional) 
  • Car’s registration card 
  • Driver’s license 

In order to get a vehicle export certificate, you would need 

  • A clearance certificate from RTA  
  • In case the vehicle has never been registered with RTA then it wouldnt require RTA approval, just a s 

Why Choose Qafila? 

Emirates is already considered as the automotive hub and owing to the geostrategic location and favourable logistics connections, Dubai is quite popular for exports and re-exports of cars with a lot of competitive car moving companies. Surrounded by competitive companies, Qafila owing to its outstanding services in vehicle export managed to mark its place in the market.  Due to its exceptional services in the logistics industry, Qafila won the Logistics of The Year Award in 2019.  

What makes Qafila so special? 

Our reputation precedes us. Every day, with an increasing number of clients, we are gaining more popularity for car export among both the public and private sectors. Besides that some other things that makes us special are: 

  • Being a digital freight forwarder, we offer up to date trending solutions for the car export problems 
  • We incorporate latest technologies for the best possible services 
  • We got immense positive feedback from our clients that led us to win the Logistics of the Year Award in 2019 
  • We are available to support our customers 24/7 
  • We offer fast and safe delivery around the world  
  • We offer all the amazing services at cost-effective prices 
  • Our service is of high-quality  
  • Customer satisfaction is assured 
  • Each and every car is thoroughly checked and examined by us 

With a dedicated team on board, the staff members can assist you with your concerns and deal with any discrepancy efficiently. 

We specialize in all vehicles: 

Whether it’s a vintage, a sports car or an SUV, we specialize in all vehicles. We transport all kinds of vehicles. Be it light weighted like 

  • Bikes and bicycles.  
  • Recreational vehicles.  
  • Soil bicycles 
  • ATVs  
  • Snowmobiles  

Or even if they have hardcore engine vehicles like business trucks, etc. 

Customer’s satisfaction is our priority: 

Since we pay close attention to each progression of the procedure, we won’t let anything turn out badly and we will keep our clients updated on everything that happens. From the second we are given the duty to export your vehicle to the second it is conveyed to the destination, you will consistently be informed about what is happening.  

Our staff members are always ready to greet the customers and respond to their queries 24/7 in an effort to give the customers best experience possible. Customer support is available 24/7 to help you with any problems related to 

  • Registration 
  • Getting a Quote 
  • Tracking 
  • Transaction 

Mobile and Web Application: 

Qafila being a digital freight forwarding service provider delivers its services through mobile and websites and enables you to book, track and manage your cargo in real-time. With exceptional customer services, you will always have round the clock customer support by our team of experts through live chat and phone. The website and mobile app services allow you to take full control of your shipments by enabling you to find out real-time freight, booking shipments, tracking, and managing your cargo as well as. 

Once we are given your vehicle’s responsibility, you wouldn’t have to worry at all. We have been transporting vehicles for quite a while now and have successfully made a place in the market. We are equipped to help you with the best assistance and we work continuously to ensure quality services at affordable prices. Our experts will help you with all your queries 24/7. So connect with us for a smooth, simple, and a completely hassle-free experience like never before  

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