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SCALEX – The new Supply Chain and Logistics Forum

Launching Scalex in Dubai
The face of the supply chain & logistics framework in the Middle East is gradually shifting as the region starts embracing digitization and cutting edge technologies including Ai, big data and robotics to improve efficiencies in business.

This years’ forum, under the brand Scalex, is dedicated to focus on this exact approach: Is the Middle East ready for this shift, and how can the region embrace these technologies?

Qafila is UAE’s First Digital Freight Forwarder that is transforming the supply chain in the region. 
Qafila uses tech-knowledge and technology to solve complex supply chain issues. We help forward looking brands manage their international supply chain, providing a fully managed services for moving of products between any two places on the planet. 

Join Qafila for the panel discussion on 3rd September 2019 at 11:30AM with our CEO Atif Rafiq on the topic Is the Middle East ready to embrace the next shift of paradigm in supply chain?

Drop in, say hi and lets catch up on 3rd September 2019
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Scalex Qafila

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