Pallet Wide Containers Types, Dimensions: The Complete Guide

Pallet Wide Containers

The shipping industry is an ever-advancing industry. We are seeing new containers being made owing to the evolving necessities of the market. For a clear understanding of the pallet-wide containers, you must first need to get an idea of a pallet and its sizes.


Pallets are the most commonly used Unit Loads in global trade. They are wooden structures that have leveled surfaces. For safer and convenient transportation, forklifts place heavy products on these pallets. A few regions around the globe have their particular pallet sizes. Some of them are

American Pallets  40″ x 48″  
European Pallets  40″ x 47″  
Australian Pallets  46″ x 46″  

Why Were They Designed?

Containers come in various shapes and sizes to serve many purposes. You first need to realize what container type you need. This way, you can get a chance to settle on the correct business choice. On the whole, the design of Pallet wide containers is convenient to 

  • Place a larger number of Euro Pallets  
  • load a particular type of four-way wooden pallet having 1200×800×144 dimensions 

As they are specifically designed to accommodate Euro-pallets, they are very common in the European continent.  

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How are they different? 

The three kinds of pallet-wide containers that are 

  • 20-foot 
  • 40-foot 
  • high cube  

All of them have different dimensions than the standard ISO containers. Both externally and internally, these containers have more width than the standard ISO containers.   

So how are they different? For your understanding, we have made a brief comparison between the two types in a tabular form below:

    ISO container  Pallet Wide Container  
External Width    2.4m  2.462m  
Internal Width  2.348m  2.438m  
High Cube Pallet Wide container
High Cube Pallet Wide Container
High Cube Pallet Wide Internal View
High Cube Pallet Wide Container

Note: The dimensions of the PW containers vary with each pallet-wide operator.   

    20’ Pallet wide container  20’ Standard container  40’ Pallet wide container  40’ Standard container  45’ Pallet wide container  45’ Standard container  
Pallet Capacity  15  11  30  25  34  27  


Why We Need Pallet Wide Containers?  

To understand why we need the pallet-wide containers, you first need to look at their features. The pallet-wide holders are extra wide to accommodate European pallets. Along with that, they have the following qualities: 

  • A lot of strength 
  • Weather resistance 
  • Security  
  • Tough    

This distinction allows European customers to load more pallets. They can place 30 Euro pallets in a 40′ Pallet-Wide-Container instead of 25 pallets total in a 40′ standard container.    

Moreover, to prevent the Cargo from slipping during transit, this technique for stowing the pallets is quite helpful. Along with that, these containers accommodate heavy objects so, there are no issues with the cargo capacity limit of these containers. 

Some other benefits: 

These containers are more effective than standard containers since they have as much as 15% less functioning and distribution cost due to 

  • Reduced delivery time  
  • Less cost of product packaging  
  • Lesser chances of product damage.  

Because of its size, it can place more Euro-pallets. Likewise, you can firmly fix the pallets in these containers to avoid any unnecessary movement. As a result, this serves two benefits 

  • decreases the chances of unwanted freight slipping during transportation  
  • It makes sure safe stowing thus, preventing any possibilities of freight damage.   

Since the corner castings on Pallet wide containers are similar to an ISO holder, you can take care of the bundles on the shore and onboard using a similar gear as a typical dry container. 

Common Heights of Pallet Wide Containers

For global uniformity, ISO regulates and controls the sizes of these pallets. Generally, pallet wide holders are 20ft tall, can likewise be 40ft or 45ft high cube containers based on the need.

Here are the dimensions and freight limits of these containers:   

Now have a look at the specifications and dimensions of these container types in detail. 

 20ft PW  40ft PW  
Internal length  5.89 m  12.03 m 
Internal width  2.44 m  2.44 m  
Internal height  2.39 m  2.39 m  
Tare weight  2,400 kg 3,800 kg  
Payload capacity  28,080 kg  29,740 kg  
Cubic capacity  34.3 m3  79.9 m3  

40ft Pallet Wide Container 


External measurements Internal measurements Doorway 
Length: 12192 mm 12100 mm  
Width: 2462 mm 2442 mm 2400mm 
2591 mm 2383 mm 2270 mm 


Tare weight Payload capacity Gross weight  
34000 kg 29920 kg 4080kg 

40ft Pallet Wide High Cube Container 


External measurements Internal measurements Doorway 
Length: 12192 mm 12100 mm  
Width: 2462 mm 2422 mm 2416 mm 
2896 mm 2695 mm 2585 mm 


Tare weight Payload capacity Gross weight  Cubic capacity (in m³) 
4630 kg 29370 kg 34000 kg 79 m³ 

45ft Pallet Wide High Cube Container 


External measurements Internal measurements Doorway 
Length: 13716 mm 13556 mm  
Width: 2500mm 2440 mm 2420mm 
2896 mm 2695 mm 2584 mm 


Tare weight: Payload capacity Gross weight  Cubic capacity (in m³) 
4860 kg 29140 kg 34000 kg 89.2 m³ 

How you can Use Pallet Wide Containers to Manage Cargo effectively 

Pallet-wide containers can ship any payload type just like the standard containers yet are ideal for moving euro-pallets and products like crude material, hardware, devices, and so on. 

Similarly, you can use them for these reasons:   

  • Transporting 2 Pallets next to each other   
  • For Removal Industry  
  • Moving or Storing Vintage Cars  
  • In distribution centers for loading products in forklifts.  

The capacity of Pallets and Palletized Goods  

Pallet-wide containers are specifically made to accommodate pallets. These containers are ideal for storing pallets and palletized, plastic shrink-wrapped products. 

Transportation of Pallets and Palletized Cargo  

Pallet-wide containers are convenient for the transportation of pallets. These containers are good for shipping palletized or big items by road, rail, and ocean. Many organizations, big or small, use pallet-wide containers for transporting goods including,  

  • Shipping materials  
  • Large equipment 
  • Hardware 
  • Apparatus and devices  
  • Garbage, etc.    

Pallet-wide steel containers offer a variety of purposes in business industries. They permit you to fork goods in on pallets rapidly. You can use them in distribution centers for loading materials and products with a forklift.  

They are ideal for moving enormous things, regular shipments, and any product required to transport different steel containers all at once.    

How can you transport goods to them? 

Using pallets and containers together to transport things is very efficient and convenient. You can fit a lot of things and effectively transport them on pallets. They are probably the most inventive steel containers available as they offer benefits in several situations.    

Though you can use containers and pallets side by side, standard containers cannot accommodate the maximum number of pallets due to a width constraint. 

The products you need to ship are first packed in boxes and then placed on wooden or plastic pallets. After placing the boxes, they are shrink-wrapped to avoid any freight slippage. 

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