What Help Can You Expect From Pharmaceutical Logistics Companies?

Pharmaceutical and health care industries, like any other industry, need a well-managed supply chain to ensure that their products reach its intended customers. You can take the help of a logistics company and delegate your delivery duties to them. You can take their help to deliver raw materials for manufacturing purpose, or you can use their pharma logistics services to provide equipment and finished drugs to distributors, pharmacies, and hospitals. The pharmaceutical logistics companies, like Qafila, have got experience and networking to manage the supply chain across modes like the sea, rail, air, and road.

What Does Pharmaceutical Logistics Mean?

There has been an astounding growth in the pharmaceutical market in the past ten years. Since pharmaceutical products have a demand worldwide, they depend heavily on warehousing. They are, thus, focused majorly on securing warehouses on the international level and are choosing 3PL companies to help with the pharmaceutical logistics. The reason why businesses are outsourcing their pharma logistics to these companies is that they offer clear visibility of the supply chain and also help with the reduction of the cost of the entire transportation.

There are two things that the pharmaceuticals have to make sure

  1. The quality of the product when it leaves the warehouse, and
  2. Maintaining the reliability of the product as it travels through the chain of supply.

This complex procedure is easily handled by companies who provide pharma logistics. They have an understanding of which transportation mode will get the product delivered quickly and also knows to

  • Control the temperature of the carrier within which the products get transported so that they do not lose their properties, and
  • Ensure that the right parties receive the goods

At Qafila, we provide you with the best logistics in the pharmaceutical industry and make sure that the products reach their destination on time.

Health & pharmaceutical logistics

What does Health Care Logistics mean?

Health care industries need to acquire raw materials, manufacture the medicine, and distribute them quickly to make certain of the patient’s health and the thriving of the industry. Now, since the demand for the products is escalating rapidly, the industry is looking for an efficient supply of the product and a decrease in the overall cost of transporting the product.

There are different healthcare logistics companies available who are eager to share their expertise with healthcare businesses. By taking the help of these companies, the business can manage the supply chain of the healthcare logistics products, such as laboratory, surgical, and medical products, and make sure that there is minimum waste of these products.

These healthcare logistics companies also know the best mode of transport for healthcare logistics products. They will use parcel shipment and LTL according to the demand for supply. Working with these companies the businesses can

  • Formulate a better shipment strategy to control the cost from rising
  • Consolidate freight and check excessive orders for purchase
  • Easily supply products to various distribution centers
  • Get full visibility and ownership on freight planning and supply

We, at Qafila, offer full transparency on shipment details and strategize to eliminate problems during shipment of healthcare products.

Why choose Qafila?

Choosing Qafila, for the supply of your healthcare and pharmaceutical products, means that the products will reach their intended destination in perfect condition.

  1. Transport
    We can guarantee the delivery time of your products; because we work with the best airlines and shipping lines which makes the transport process smooth. Depending on the fragility and delivery time of the product, we select the best transportation. We use the LCL or FCL mode whenever necessary and use air shipping when the items need to get transported with extreme care.
  2. Distributing the Products
    We make sure that the proper pharmaceutical transport gets selected so the products can get the temperature required to maintain all their properties. We also provide humid-free storage option so that the quality of the products does not worsen.
  3. Tracking Option
    We offer full transparency to our customers from the very beginning. We notify you about the shipment cost and empower you to track the movement of your cargo. In this way, you will get notified immediately if there is any delay in the process.
  4. Solution for Warehousing
    Pharmaceutical products are very tricky to store. You will need a warehouse in the countries you deliver so that the products can get distributed on time. In addition to that, the warehouses need to have specific properties so that they can store the products. We provide the perfect warehouse solution for different healthcare products.

At Qafila, we take charge of all the documentation to require for your products to clear the customs. Our customs brokerage service will ensure that the product information gets displayed on the boxes in which they get delivered. The expiry date, date of manufacture and other such critical information is a requirement for the pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Our professionals will make sure that everything is for clearance.

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