Qafila, the digital freight forwarder, takes pride in offering full-fledge Full Container Load (FCL) services for the utmost convenience of its customers in the UAE and overseas. Full Container Load ocean freight shipping is one of the most popular ways of shipping goods from one destination to another. Qafila provides the most reliable ocean freight solutions and offers customers complete control over their shipments through its state-of-the-art digital freight forwarding platform.

Qafila allows its customers to track their shipments at any time for full traceability of their cargo and to have an overview of the costs involved. We deliver the perfect balance between cost and flexibility to offer high-quality FCL services at affordable rates.

Benefits of FCL Services Offered by Qafila

According to an estimate, 80% of international trade is carried out through sea transportation. Our full-scale FCL ocean freight services offer the advantage to the supplier to stuff the container as per preference and bring it to the container yard directly. Normally, the Full Container Load shipping charges are based on a flat rate per container, however, we customize the best packages for our clients according to their shipping volume, target destination and budget.

Given below are the benefits of FCL services offered by Qafila:

  • High-quality FCL services at affordable rates
  • Hassle-free shipping of cargo even on the tightest of deadlines
  • Global coverage to reach remotest of areas across the world
  • Easy tracking of cargo
  • Efficient 24/7 customer support

Qafila is the one-stop solution for all your shipping requirements to and from the UAE. Qafila makes FCL freight shipping convenient for its customers by offering the most flexible shipping solutions based on nature and volume of cargo. We invest time and effort in understanding the requirements of our customers, which helps us in serving businesses across several sectors and industries.

What Makes Qafila Different?

We follow the industry’s latest standards to help our customers plan and track their shipments in a stress-free manner. Our digital freight forwarding platform empowers businesses to take charge of their shipments like never before. Our customers can monitor, track and trace the entire progress of their shipment with the power of a click. Our customer support team provides round the clock assistance to the clients and deals with their inquiries to avoid potential risks.

The highlighting features of our services include:

  • Instant online booking
  • Real-time tracking of shipment
  • Data-driven insights to unlock new potential in your supply chain
  • 24/7 customer support service

Qafila is a modern-day freight forwarder that aims at increasing the productivity of its clients’ businesses through digitization of popular shipping services including ocean and air freight shipping.

Upgrade Your Freight Forwarding Experience With Qafila.