Qafila, the digital freight forwarder, offers Less-Than-Container Load (LCL) services to its customers in the UAE and overseas. LCL is the ideal mode for shipping when customers don’t have enough cargo to fit a large freight container. We are an all-in-one freight forwarding platform that provides the top-notch shipping solutions for managing a limited amount of freight.

Qafila provides the LCL option to its customers to load their cargo in shared space with other customers. This is a cost-effective service as it saves customers from booking a full container. With Qafila, the ocean freight shipping of goods to and from the UAE becomes quick, efficient, and stress-free.

LCL Services Offered by Qafila

Qafila is a modern-day digital freight forwarding company that has a vast network of global service providers. With its extensive network and a digitally advanced freight forwarding platform, Qafila ensures the highest standards in its LCL services for shipping goods to and from the UAE. The LCL services provided by Qafila are highly reliable and offer value for money. We follow all the best industry practices to ensure that your cargo reaches its destination without any risk of damage or loss.

Given below are the LCL Services Offered by Qafila:

• Receiving customer’s cargo at Container Freight Station (CFS)
• Consolidating the cargo of similar merchants
• Issuing house bill of lading
• Arrangement for ocean shipping
• Deconsolidating the cargo at destination CFS

Benefits for Customers

Qafila regulates the entire supply chain and executes the best strategies for a smooth transfer of goods from one destination to another through LCL freight shipping. The supply chain remains well-coordinated as we offer best-quality services to our LCL customers.

Here are benefits of LCL Services Offered by Qafila

• Global network coverage allows customers to ship their goods to the remotest of areas across the globe
• Fast transit times
• Efficient freight shipping even on tight deadlines
• End-to-end solutions for customers
• Easy tracking of Cargo
• 24/7 Customer Support

What Makes Qafila Different?

We follow the industry’s latest standards to help our customers plan and track their shipments in a stress-free manner. Our digital freight forwarding platform empowers businesses to take charge of their shipments like never before. Our customers can monitor, track, and trace the entire progress of their shipment with the power of a click. Our customer support team provides round the clock assistance to the clients and deals with their inquiries to avoid potential risks.

The Highlighting Features of Our Services Include:

• Instant online booking
• Real-time tracking of shipment
• Data-driven insights to unlock new potential in your supply chain
• 24/7 customer support service

Qafila is a modern-day freight forwarder that aims at increasing the productivity of its clients’ businesses through digitization of popular shipping services including ocean and air freight shipping.

Upgrade Your Freight Forwarding Experience With Qafila.