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Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables businesses to commence, scale, and manage their e-commerce business. With Shopify, businesses can create customized online stores for free and sell across several channels through the mobile, web, pop-up shops, physical stores, and in-person. However, selling on Shopify requires a subscription starting at $US29/month, after a 14 days trial period. 

Shopify has a global presence, with over 1 million e-commerce businesses using this service globally. This service is also present in the UAE. With about 6,341 live stores in the region, Shopify UAE has gained prominence among e-commerce businesses in the UAE as shown by the following stats 

  • A 20% quarter-over-quarter growth of Shopify stores in the UAE in 2022 Q2 
  • A 76% year-over-year growth of Shopify stores in the UAE in 2022 Q2 
  • There are over 6000 Shopify stores in the UAE 
  • 27.6% of these stores sell apparel products, while 13% sell beauty and fitness products, and 12.8% sell home and garden products 

As a result of this growing popularity and the need to satisfy the ever-growing customer needs, there’s a need for e-commerce brands in the UAE that use Shopify to render fulfillment services to their customers. This article will take you through all you need to know about Shopify fulfilment services in the UAE 

Why Shopify fulfillment? 

Fulfillment in logistics is the totality of all the processes and operations involved in delivering customer orders to them. Shopify offers an in-house option (Shopify Fulfillment Network) and several other fulfillment options (integrated with your Shopify e-commerce store) for you to fulfill orders placed on your Shopify store. This concept where orders placed on your Shopify store are fulfilled is known as Shopify fulfillment. 

This concept is critical to the performance and growth of your Shopify store as it relieves you of the stress and cost implications of in-house fulfillment, while still retaining confidence in the quality of fulfillment service. Some of the importance of this concept are: 

Enhances sales on your Shopify e-commerce platform 

Efficient fulfilment services ensure that customers get their orders on time and in the right conditions. Thereby, satisfying their needs and keeping them happy. Customers who are happy and satisfied with your services will always come back to patronize you, leading to more sales on your Shopify e-commerce platform. Also, satisfied customers would recommend you to friends and neighbours, thus driving more traffic to your Shopify E-commerce platform and giving you more sales. 

Builds brand reputation 

Fast and efficient order fulfillment services will keep you in the good books of your customers. When products are always delivered on time and in perfect conditions, your brand is known for such. Thus, building your brand reputation and image. 

Keeps the brand/business alive 

Customers are the backbone of every business, and the business needs them to remain alive. Thus, you need to keep your customers happy and satisfied. One way of doing this is using Shopify fulfillment for fast and efficient fulfillment services. Unhappy and unsatisfied customers will put their money elsewhere, leading to poor business revenue and even the death of the business. 

Improves customer satisfaction 

Customer satisfaction lies in the quality of service and products they receive. Shopify fulfillment services will help you ensure that customers receive their orders on time and in good shape. Also, the fulfillment service providers are always seeking better ways to serve you, thus improving the satisfaction of your customers. 

Increases Productivity and Visibility 

Happy and satisfied customers resulting from quality fulfillment services would lead to more sales and revenue for the business, leading to increased productivity. Also, satisfied customers would sell your brand to friends and neighbours by word of mouth. Thus, increasing your brand visibility. 

How Shopify Fulfillment works in UAE? 

The process of Shopify fulfillment in UAE is the same as in other countries where they are present. The process begins with customers placing orders on your Shopify e-commerce store, followed by order fulfillment involving the picking, packing, labelling, and delivering the products by the chosen fulfillment service. 

The Shopify platform allows you to choose different fulfillment options for different products. For example, you can fulfill a particular product in-house and another using SFN or other fulfillment services. Or, you can choose to fulfill all your inventory using a fulfillment service. The steps involved in Shopify fulfillment are outlined below 

  1. Choose fulfillment method 
  1. Choose manual or automatic fulfillment 
  1. Assign fulfillment methods to your products 
  1. Fulfill your orders 

Shopify Amazon fulfillment – Is it supported in the UAE? 

Yes, it is. Shopify Amazon fulfillment refers to the fulfillment of orders placed on your Shopify e-commerce store by the Amazon fulfillment service (FBA). This service requires an integration of the Amazon fulfillment service with your Shopify store, thus sending orders placed on your store directly to be fulfilled by Amazon. Shopify Amazon fulfillment is supported in the UAE, and various e-commerce brands use it for their Shopify order fulfillment. 

Qafila Shopify fulfillment vs Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) 

The Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) and the Qafila Shopify fulfillment are two fulfillment options available on Shopify. Below are some ways that Qafila gives you a better edge in your Shopify order fulfillment 

Qafila has a more independent fulfillment stack, while the Shopify Fulfillment network distributes to different 3PLs 

While the Shopify Fulfillment Network operates by distributing orders to various 3PL service providers to be fulfilled by them, Qafila Shopify fulfillment operates independently and fulfills your order themselves. Thus, offering you better visibility, more focus, and a streamlined fulfillment process. 

No product restrictions with Qafila, while Shopify Fulfillment Network restricts some products 

While the Shopify Fulfillment Network places restrictions on the storage and fulfillment of products such as 

  • Those that require assembly 
  • Those that weigh 35 pounds or 16kg or more 
  • Those with temperature requirements, etc. 

Qafila Shopify fulfillment does not have any restrictions and allows you to fulfill any category of products from their fulfillment centers. 

A Wider fulfillment network and centers with Qafila while Shopify Fulfillment Network operates within a specified region 

While the Shopify Fulfillment network is the right fit for businesses that operate in the US, Qafila Shopify fulfillment has a wider coverage, with several fulfillment centers in the UAE and various parts of the world. Therefore, enabling you to maintain a wider target market and expand your business horizon and reach. 

Different modes of fulfillment (B2B, B2C) with Qafila while Shopify Fulfillment Network does not offer B2B fulfillment 

Shopify fulfillment network specializes in delivering orders to consumers or end-users, thus making them unsuitable for businesses that deal in B2B fulfillment. This is not so for Qafila  fulfillment, which does B2B and B2C fulfillment. This means that you can rely on our services to fulfill your orders to other businesses from our fulfillment centers in various parts of the world. 

Faster onboarding process with Qafila while Shopify Fulfillment Network requires a long line of Application and Assessment 

The onboarding process with Shopify Fulfillment Network involves an evaluation of your Shopify store and products to see if you are eligible to use the service. This, together with other application requirements make the onboarding a relatively long one compared to the Qafila fulfillment. The latter requires a shorter integration, application, and registration process, which saves time. 

Flat-rate pricing with Qafila while Shopify Fulfillment Network requires payment for each process 

While Shopify Fulfillment network charges separately for various fulfilment processes such as fulfillment, inventory balancing, and storage fees, Qafila Shopify fulfillment charges a flat rate for all your fulfillment processes. This enhances simplicity and predictability and allows you to offer a straightforward solution to the fulfillment needs of your customers. 

No order volume limitation compared to Shopify Fulfillment Network operating with brands under 200 SKU 

With Qafila Shopify fulfillment service, there’s no restriction on the volume of orders. This means that this service can be used by small, medium, and large-scale businesses to fulfill their orders on the Shopify platform. 

How Qafila can help you in Shopify Fulfillment? 

Below are some of the benefits you can get by using Qafila Shopify fulfillment 

Warehousing solutions 

Qafila offers a wide distribution of warehouses in UAE and several other countries, where you can send your inventories and fulfill your orders from. We employ innovative technology to ensure proper inventory management and efficient warehousing operations. Also, we ensure inventory storage in warehouses closest to your target market so that your customer orders can be delivered to them in the shortest possible time. 

Custom packaging 

Qafila allows you to customize your order packaging, thus maintaining that unboxing experience for your customers. With Qafila Shopify fulfillment, you get to maintain your brand name on your packaging and can add any extra material or information you wish to add to the packaging. Thus, giving you control over your customer experience. 

Inventory management 

We use various inventory management software to ensure real-time inventory tracking, monitoring of inventory levels, as well as sales, order, and delivery tracking. Thus, ensuring proper inventory management and guaranteeing its safety and security. 


One of the main advantages of using a 3PL fulfillment service is the reduced fulfillment cost. This is also true for us, as we offer Shopify fulfillment services at a reasonable and affordable rate, eradicating the cost implications of the extra workforce, facilities, and machinery needed for in-house fulfillment. This increases the profitability of the business and allows for business growth. 

High-end technological solution 

At Qafila, we leverage modern technology to give you the best of services. From the automation and mechanization of operations to the use of various software, these technological applications ensure the efficiency of inventory management and fulfillment operations. Thus, guaranteeing you the best fulfillment services. 

Seamless Integrations 

With an experienced team of IT professionals at our disposal, integration with your Shopify store can never be any easier. Our seamless integration with your store ensures that orders placed on your Shopify store go directly to us for immediate fulfillment, and promises zero difficulties. 

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