We, at Qafila, are your best chance of getting your car transported to another country. We are not, by a long shot, the only company in the market to ship car to Europe but you would certainly be hard-pressed to find a company that is as devoted as us to tend your every need.

Our main goal is to enable and engage our customers and the industry the best means to enhance global trade. We believe in offering the best services collectively; we push the industry towards the top position for shipping car to Saudi Arabia. Only by being the best can we provide our customers with the best service on anything.

Why Choose US For Automotive and Vehicle Logistics?

We, armed with the right amount of knowledge on transportation technology and tech-knowledge, are more than capable of shipping car from the UK to the USA. All this and more, well within the designated period for your automobile transfer! We prioritize the safety and security of your car but keep you in the loop while doing it.

Automotive and vehicle logistics

Transparency is very much important when it comes to working with customers who are putting what they have, in your hand, to transfer to another location. We, at Qafila, totally understand the anxiety felt by the customers when they are not present during the time we ship a car to Europe.

Benefits of Vehicle Logistics

A frequent question that is often asked by our customers is why they need our services to ship a car to Dubai? It seems to be an easy endeavor, and they more often than not are used to relocate to various other places in their car. To make things a tad easier on their end to understand here is a list of benefits they would be getting if they avail our services

Save Money

This may seem like a far fetch reason as you are shelling out money for shipping car to Saudi Arabia with us, but in the long run, you save some money. If you drive the car all by yourself to another country, you would have to pay for

  • Lodging, when you take breaks at night,
  • Gas money for which you have to make frequent stops on the road,
  • And the meals which you need as your fuel.

If you add them all up the total of what you would be paying your self would certainly outweigh our asking price. It is possible for us to not quote anything astronomical as your car would be contained in a container so that no gas would be used.

No Wear And Tear

You may find it odd but the cars transported by us are kept in a container after pressing all the breaks necessary to keep your car in place. The containers are then carefully placed in a secure position. If you use our services for shipping car to Dubai from the USA, you will find your car arriving just the way it had left your garage.

Stress and Time Freeing

With us, at Qafila, taking charge of shipping car from USA to Saudi Arabia, you can rest in ease and take care of the multiple things that need your attention. Various things would require your attention that is related to this impending move. By getting our help not only does make you a little stress-free because of the one less thing you have to do before the move but also saves you a bit more time.

Our List of Services:

While many companies offer you very selected transporting options, we, at Qafila, spoil you for choices. We understand that ship car to Dubai is not very easy an option, That’s why we offer the following Services –

Full Container Load Ocean Freight

It consists of a spacious 40-foot container that is used to transport your goods by sea through one port to another. This may be both of general-purpose as well as high cubic, in nature.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

It consists of a generous 20-foot container that is used to transport your cargo via sea from one port to another. It is mostly a GP or general-purpose in nature.

Air Transport

If you plan on shipping cars from Dubai to USA in a much shorter notice, you can also use our air cargo services. We are more than capable of shipping your car by air.

Land Transport

We also offer the best land freight services and are more than capable of anything along with shipping car to Dubai. Our diligent workers are more than capable of caring for your every need.

Sea Transport

The sea route is possibly the best way of shipping car to Dubai. It not only costs less but also gets you car securely through transit.

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