International shipping of goods through the sea is an important part of our services as a Sea freight Dubai Company. We offer competitive rates and provide our customers with customizable solutions for hassle-free shipping of their goods from Dubai to global destinations. Sea freight is carried out through containers and vessels that are used to transport goods from one destination to another through the sea. The movement of containers is closely monitored by shipping authorities to ensure safe and secure shipping of goods. It is an ideal shipping solution, particularly for the goods and equipment that cannot be transported through air freight.

Customers can find a number of sea freight companies in Dubai, which can make it difficult for them to choose the right one. Customers should ideally compare and evaluate the services offered by different companies and make a choice based on their budget, shipping requirements and the scope of shipping solutions covered under Sea freight services offered by a particular company.

Qafila provides a wide variety of sea freight services and can be considered a reliable platform for sea freight export and import. Qafila is a digital freight forwarding platform that offers flexible freight forwarding services to its customers in the UAE and makes international shipping of goods hassle-free. Qafila covers all the major sea freight shipping solutions including Full Container Load (FCL), Less Than Container Load (LCL), Non-Containerized Load, Buyer’s Consolidation, and Break Bulk Services.

Benefits of Sea Freight

Sea freight ensures an affordable yet highly efficient shipping of goods from one destination to another. This method of shipping goods is relatively more time-consuming than air freight. However, it is more economical than air freight. There are several benefits that sea freight entails for customers, some of which are given below.

Low-Cost Shipping of Goods

As mentioned previously, shipping goods through the sea is a low-cost alternative to the costly air freight services. Cost is a major concern for a number of business owners, and unless product availability demands a fast turn-around, sea freight is an ideal solution for shipping a vast variety of goods.

Through sea freight, customers can transport their goods in bulk, which saves shipping cost and is a major benefit of sea freight. Sea freight is an ideal shipping solution for small to medium scale businesses; however, it is important to choose a reliable sea forwarder for safe and secure shipping of goods.

Sea Freight Allows More Time for Document Processing

Sea shipping of goods takes more time than shipping goods through the air. However, the longer sea freight transit times ensure the detailed processing of Complete Accurate Documentation (CAT). Timely documentation processing is extremely critical in global shipping of goods and with longer transit times in sea freight shipping, it becomes easier for concerned authorities to complete all the documentation requirements.

In air freight, however, the transit times are shorter due to which the documentation delays can occur. The CAT is usually a time-consuming process and if a freight forwarder doesn’t use the automated electronic processes, customers are likely to experience documentation delays in air freight services.

Space is not a Problem to Accommodate Bigger Shipping Volumes
Customers guaranteed that they would not have to worry about their shipping volume when they choose sea freight. Air freight carriers have certain limitations and restrictions for shipping volumes, in comparison to which, sea freight offers more flexibility to customers in terms of required space for cargo.

Customers can choose containers or vessels of different sizes and dimensions according to the shipping volume of their cargo and transport it to their desired destination in a hassle-free manner. This is how sea freight Dubai to global destinations can become easier if customers prefer sea freight over other shipping methods.

Why Choose us for Sea Freight Services?

Qafila is a modern-day Sea Freight Dubai Company that provides its customers with the most flexible and affordable sea freight services. With Qafila, your cargo remains safe and secure as we choose the best shipping solutions for the transport of your goods from the UAE to worldwide destinations. We offer extensive global coverage with our freight forwarding services, which ensures that our customers can virtually transport their goods from the UAE to anywhere in the world.

The Highlighting Features of Our Services Include:

  • Wide variety of sea freight shipping solutions including FCL, LCL, and Buyer Consolidation Services
  • Instant online booking
  • Real-time tracking of shipment
  • Data-driven insights to unlock new potential in your supply chain
  • Sea Freight Logistics support
  • 24/7 customer support service

As an advanced sea forwarder, we follow the industry’s latest standards to help our customers plan and track their shipments in a stress-free manner. Our digital freight forwarding platform empowers businesses to take charge of their sea freight shipments like never before. Our customers can monitor, track, and trace the entire progress of their shipment with the power of a click. Our customer support team provides round the clock assistance to customers to maintain the highest standards for quality and reliability in our services.

Upgrade Your Freight Forwarding Experience With Qafila.