Freight transportation refers to the shipping of goods from one destination to another through land or air. Qafila is one of the most advanced freight transportation companies in Dubai that offers a wide variety of freight transportation services to its clients. We provide an advanced digital platform for shippers to make international freight transportation completely hassle-free. We make use of latest technologies and follow the industry’s best practices to meet the expectations of our clients in the most efficient manner.

There are a number of factors that determine the scope of success in international freight transport and only an experienced service provider like Qafila can deliver the highest levels of quality to fulfill the modern-day standards of freight transportation. Our services are customizable and highly flexible, which helps our clients in choosing the freight transport solutions according to their requirements. With our extensive experience of the local market and large global coverage, we offer the most versatile international freight transport solutions for shippers in Dubai.

Our Freight Transportation Dubai Services

As a multi-resourced freight forwarding company, we provide our customers with all the traditional and contemporary freight transportation services. With a massive network of shipping partners, we enable our clients to export and import goods across global destinations. Our quality and reliability allows us to meet the expectations of our clients and helps in building a strong professional relationship with them.

Given below are our freight transportation services.

Air Freight Transportation

We offer fast and reliable air freight transportation services to shippers in Dubai. Air is an ideal medium for quick international freight transport as the transit times in air freight are short, which helps shippers in meeting tight shipping deadlines. Air freight transportation is relatively costlier than other methods of shipping, however, it offers great value to shippers who want to transport their goods quickly across global destinations. We offer consolidation services to shippers for smaller shipments to help reduce the cost of air freight transport.

Ocean Freight Services

We provide all the ocean freight services, including Full Continuer Load, Less Container Load, Roll-on/Roll-off, and consolidation services so that our clients can ship goods from Dubai to global destinations in a hassle-free manner. In comparison to air freight, ocean freight offers a variety of options to shippers to transport goods according to their budget, shipping volume, and other requirements. Ocean freight transportation is highly affordable as compared to air freight transportation; however, transport of goods through ocean entails longer transit times. We are well-equipped to deliver ocean freight services according to the requirements of our clients.

Domestic Shipping

While we are efficiently equipped to cater to the international shipping requirements of our clients, we also cover the domestic shipping services. We have the resources and connections to make domestic shipping of goods and products easier in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. With a variety of cargo carrying vehicles, we offer shippers the best options to transport their goods domestically. For domestic transport of goods, we use flatbed trucks, refer trucks and cargo vans, to name a few.

Logistics Support

As a third party logistics partner, Qafila provides shippers with domestic and international warehousing and distribution solutions. With customized storage and distribution opportunities, we offer our clients complete support to accomplish their shipping objectives successfully.

Why Choose Us for International Freight Transport

Qafila offers a wide range of traditional and contemporary freight transportation services to shippers in Dubai. We provide our customers with the best quality in our services and offer them the flexibility to choose the freight transport solutions according to their requirements. We combine the knowledge of the traditional industry with tech-knowledge to provide innovative solutions for overseas shipping. The biggest advantage that shippers can get from services offers by Qafila is seamless tracking of their shipments through our cutting-edge digital freight forwarding platform.

Given below are the key attributes of our freight transport services:

  • Instant online booking
  • Real-time tracking of shipment
  • Data-driven insights to unlock new potential in your supply chain
  • Sea Freight Logistics support
  • 24/7 customer support service

Qafila offers global coverage for highly efficient international shipping and ensures the safety and security of shipments with the help of its shipping and logistics partners located across the globe. Qafila puts you in complete control of your shipments by helping you to track your freight in real time through its advanced freight forwarding platform.

We offer reliability, transparency, and affordability in our services to make international shipping easier for shippers in Dubai. Our customer support team provides round the clock assistance to clients to maintain the highest standards for quality and reliability in our services.

Upgrade Your Freight Forwarding Experience With Qafila.