Golden Hour For Emerging Businesses At #DubaiExpo2020

Golden Hour For Emerging Businesses At DubaiExpo2020

Dubai has an expansive skyline that inspires dreamers to build and grow. Staying true to the business acumen and commercial fervor of the UAE, the Dubai Expo 2020 is the region’s opportunity to showcase its exceptional business values, cutting-edge technology, and innovative ideas. The global expo will host organizations and individuals from all over the globe for a period of six months.

The Emirate of Dubai is all set to host the Dubai Expo 2020, from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022. Dubai has a thriving economy and in the lead up to the expo, it is attracting significant foreign investments, paving the way for growth, especially in the commerce and retail sectors. The well-connected logistics and transportation sector, along with the simplistic business policies, is forming a strong base for upcoming businesses and organizations in the UAE.

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Theme Of Dubai Expo 2020

Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability is the main theme of the expo. While opportunity and mobility are the need of the hour, sustainability is an approach for both the present and future. Various businesses and organizations are expected to showcase their innovative approach towards the problems being faced around the world. About 25 million visitors are expected to visit the expo, creating an opportunity for the organizations to grow their audience base. As millions will network and share ideas, discussions are likely to revolve around the preservation of resources for future generations along with optimizing their use in the present.

Growth Of UAE’s Economy

The federal government of UAE has embraced the opportunity to grow the non-oil sector, and focus on trade and tourism. Dubai’s non-oil sectors including tourism and infrastructure were hit hard by the global pandemic in 2019-2020. But the country is expected to fight back and close the GDP with 2.5% growth in 2021. The economy is expected to recover with the contribution of the non-oil sector to the GDP rising by 3.9%.

Emerging Markets Of MENASA and UAE

MENASA and UAE are two of the fastest-growing markets in the world and have about 18% of the world’s internet users. The markets present an excellent chance for growing businesses as well as huge organizations looking to expand. E-commerce companies and Gen-Z audiences can also grow their financial prospects considerably. 70% of the visitors to the expo are likely to be from around the globe while 30% are expected to be from the UAE. 190 Countries and 26,000 organizations have already enrolled for the expo. The Arab and African markets are well-connected with Dubai, presenting magnificent growth opportunities.

The two markets have been collectively christened as the business hub for upcoming start-ups and relatively newer organizations. The large expanse along with sturdy infrastructure, well-designed logistics, and transportation create the perfect atmosphere for the growth of businesses.

Enhancing Businesses

Dubai Expo 2020 presents a golden opportunity for businesses in the city of gold. By the end of 2021, Dubai is expected to attract USD 100 to 150 billion worth of foreign investment. Facilities for the private sector and small enterprises will emerge from Expo 2020. The non-oil sector will reap the benefits of the investment and grow exponentially along with Dubai’s growing GDP. Hospitality, tourism, infrastructure, financial services, real estate, and transportation are a few sectors that are expected to grow after the expo.

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