Energy Transport Logistics: Why Choose us for Transportation?

We at Qafila, are the premium transporting company specializing transporting every type of cargo all across the country as well as overseas. We have quite a reputation when it comes to energy transport logistics and is your best chance for getting your Energy & Petrochemicals filled cargo transported to another place. This is because we are endowed with years and years of experience that makes us the best on the job if we may say so ourselves.

Why Choose us for Energy and Petrochemicals?

Transporting bulk load of Energy & Petrochemicals is not the easiest thing to do as it needs a lot of specialized machines and tools to make a successful move. We, at Qafila, understand it well and provide you with the best service on energy transport logistics to help you reach new heights.

Any company that wishes to transport Energy & Petrochemicals requires paying a lot more attention to the details. It is because Petroleum Product, Crude Oil, LPG, and Chemical are not the easiest products to transport. These products are extremely volatile and any discrepancy in transport care may lead to an explosion.

With us, you do not have to worry about it happening, as we have the information and experience that is required to make the transportation fruitful. It is not the toughest thing to do if you have all your ducks in order and our employees at Qafila, knows how to achieve that.

Things include in Energy and Petrochemical

Energy and petrochemical comprise of a big bracket that covers Petroleum, Crude Oil, LPG, and other Chemical product. They are highly flammable substances that would go up in flames at the slightest bit of discrepancy in care. Not only that but also if the chemicals are not handled properly by the employees any energy logistics company Dubai the hazardous element would harm their health, too.

Transportation is only part of shifting any cargo related to energy and petrochemical, the effort made for the transportation goes beyond that. It is not as simple as boxing in cars or clothes because even if the packaging fails there is no bodily harm done to the employees.

Energy Petrochemicals Logistics

A package filled with Petroleum, Crude Oil, LPG, and other Chemical product is broken or crushed there is very much a chance that the solids or liquids contained inside would spill out. If that happens, it would directly compromise the health of any person coming in contact with the elements. As an energy logistics company Dubai that have been around longer we know how to prevent as well as handle things like that if it happens.

How to make secure shipping of energy and petrochemicals?

Here is a list of things that is mandatory when it comes to dealing with global energy logistics

Being aware of the variations from country to country

Not every country has the same requirements on the items that are being shipped to another country. With us transporting the goods you can rest assured that your goods would face no problem when being shipped to the other country

The importance of Proper Packaging

Not only for cars and clothes, proper packaging is very much important when to come to shipping Energy & Petrochemicals to another country. It requires the right king of packaging as well as wrapping materials that not only prevents any leak but also contains them if such calamity does occur.

Multiple checks on the Shipment

Any shipment containing these hazardous materials is checked and re-checked multiple times by the staff of our transportation company before it leaves our company premises to ensure safety. We do not lose the track of your shipment once they are board. We have a great energy transport logistics tracking device in place that makes it possible for us to locate a compromised package and take immediate action.

Mandatory Training of the Staff

We train our staffs at regular intervals to keep them up-to-date on the various new techniques that they can use to pack of the Energy & Petrochemicals parcels for secure delivery at the right destination. All of the training given by us to our staff is approved by the federation that provides the information on how to pack the Energy & Petrochemicals and keep an eye on the parcel.

Air Transportation

We as an energy transportation logistics company are more than capable of transporting your Energy & Petrochemicals through the air. We can make it possible as we know all the safety precautions as mandated by the International Air Transport Association that are important to make secure transport.

Labeling the Containers

We as an energy logistics company in Dubai know the importance of labeling the containers carrying hazardous materials. We know all the codes and label them on the containers with the names of the hazmat written on it. Not only that we, at Qafila, also diligently write down the last carried material on the container on the body of it, as well.

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