How can You Benefit from Aerospace Logistics?

To keep up with the increasing travel demands, the leading aerospace industries are accumulating airplane parts from various countries to make planes for commercial flights. The main reason to bring in air parts from foreign nations is to bring down the cost of producing an aircraft. It cannot happen without the efficient management of the aerospace supply chain. It has spurred the growth of different aerospace logistics company who promises to deliver the parts on time and without getting damaged. But not all companies deliver what they promise and; you have to be cautious while selecting one.

Why should you Choose Qafila Aerospace Logistics?

Optimizing supply chain is essential to speed up operations like an overhaul, repair, maintenance, and movement of materials. It also diminishes the transportation process. To make sure that you have enlisted the right company, you will need to make sure that they perform the three process of transportation.

  1. Solve Problems
    The company needs to perform a service that is fast, safe, and reliable at the same time when they undertake aerospace logistics. They will have to take help of all the latest technologies and incorporate them into their management system to achieve a better result. At Qafila, aerospace logistics Dubai, we have updated our system with all the latest technologies so that we can provide our clients with the best possible service.
    Location analysis and consolidation of cargos are other services that the company has to do. With our aerospace logistics services, you do not have to worry about these things. We pack the shipment properly so that they do not get damaged during travel and we chalk out the best route for transport through extensive planning.
    At Qafila, our supply logistics aims at optimizing and supporting the supply chain.
  2. Custom Shipping
    The aerospace logistics needs are quite different from that of the other industries. It is a fast-growing industry and thus requires aerospace parts to get transported at any time. The companies you select needs to keep up with the demand and deliver the products all around the years.
    Qafila has tie-ups with major airlines and shipping lines and can thus send out the items whenever they get ordered. Working with different airlines allows us to send the product for delivery with the next flight that is flying out.
    Our aerospace logistics services will allow your business to gain a good reputation as the products will always reach the destination on time.
  3. Good Networking
    The company you select for logistics must have proper networks. Having branches in various international countries will speed up the delivery process. You need the service to be flexible and have enough experience so that they can handle the rerouting of the shipments.
    Along with our global presence, our abundant experience in the process of shipment will allow you to breathe freely if such a situation ever arises.

How Sensitive are the Parts and How we Care For Them While Shipping?

Parts of the airplane is pieced together to create the actual airline. Thus the parts must get packed and delivered in such a way that they do not get damaged during the journey. If they do get damaged, those parts will not be fit to form the plane. Planes are of different sizes and thus needs parts of various sizes. Proper packing and delivering the parts is a major part of aircraft parts logistics.

Aerospace Logistics

Components like the wings, empennage, landing gear, propellers, engines, and the fuselage are the parts needed to form the plane. These components need to get packed properly so that they remain unharmed during the whole journey. Using tarps that fit them as well as using protective padding are some ways that get used to guarding them against harsh weather and road damages.

At Qafila, we guarantee extreme caution while packing and loading. We use updated technologies to pack the products according to their size. We bank on our experience and knowledge of how to load the packed goods securely.

Things Include in Aerospace Logistics

You will have to minimize the obstacles so that you can manage the aerospace logistics. Simply by keeping an eye on three things, the supply chain management can become a much easier task.

  1. Sourcing the Material
    Different parts get supplied by different suppliers, and failing to secure one of them can stall the entire production. It is imperative to secure all the suppliers and also possess accurate data for the inventories.
  2. Shipping services
    Shipping parts for airlines is much different than any other shipments. You will have to recruit a company that provides AOG (aircraft on ground) shipment and has delivery workers working round the clock.
  3. Delivering Parts
    You need the services of a company that understands the value of different parts and dedicates time in carefully packing and shipping those parts.

At Qafila, aerospace logistics Dubai, we bring our technical knowledge and years of experience to carefully pack and ship your aircraft parts.

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