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Logistics beyond the box

2. By using various equipment types we offer tailored solutions for all kinds of commodities for either Port-to-Port / Door-to-Door.

2. For bookings including Dangerous Goods the CFS Cut-Off and Booking Cut-Off timeline may be different. In such case please contact your local Qafila office to verify this information

We carry your commercial cargo with speed and care. Enjoy the fastest connection and the shortest transit time.

UAE has more than 20 free zones catering to specific service and industry markets to ensure that both startup companies and established corporations maximize their competitiveness in the Middle East.

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Qafila is a one stop solutions for all your trade-consultation and logistics needs.

1. Direct Connection

2. Shortest Transit time

 3. Shipping Expertise and Trade Consultation

Sea Ports in Israel Sea Ports in UAE
Port of Haifa Jebel Ali in Dubai
Port of Ashdod Port Khalid in Sharjah
Port of Eilat Khorfakkan Port in Sharjah
Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi
Saqr Port in Ras Al Khaimah
Ajman Port in Ajman
Fujairah Port in Fujairah
Umm Al Quwain Port in Umm Al Quwain
Air Ports in Israel Air Ports in UAE
TLV – Ben Gurion Airport DXB – Dubai International Airport
HFA – Haifa Airport DWC- Dubai World Central Airport
ETM – Ramon International AUH – Abu Dhabi Airport
Sde Dov Airport Abu Dhabi Midfield Airport
Eilat Airport SHJ – Sharjah international Airport

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