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What to Expect from Gulfood 2019

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The Gulfood 2019 is just around the corner as food enthusiasts from around the world have set their eyes on the 24th Edition of the World’s largest annual Food and Beverage event. The scope of innovation in the food and beverage (F&B) industry is massive and Gulfood has been the preferred platform for all the groundbreaking innovations for many years. The multicultural appeal of the event and the opportunity to embrace international food trends makes Gulfood one of the most highly anticipated culinary events of the year.

The Gulfood will be back with a bang in 2019 at the breathtaking facility of Dubai World Trade Centre. The elite food event will commence from February 17 and will continue for four days. It is expected to be a well-attended event like all its previous editions, giving to exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to connect with each other and share ideas for making further inroads into evolving F&B industry.

Let’s dig deep and understand what makes the upcoming Gulfood 2019 a highly anticipated event.

An Opportunity for Food Experts, Exhibitors and Professionals to Connect

Gulfood 2019 is expected to attract over 100,000 visitors and 5,000 exhibitors. The event will be hosted under the theme “The World of Food, The World of Good” and will focus on finding new avenues of success and evolution of the F&B industry. Many different programs will be arranged during the four-day event where exhibitors and professionals within the F&B industry will get an opportunity to share innovative ideas for collective gain.

The event will be attended by culinary experts, F&B companies, food delivery service providers and food shipping and logistic companies to name a few. Improving the standards of products, developing better protocols for food safety and sustainability; and setting new benchmarks for shipping and delivery of food products will be among the major agendas of panel discussions at Gulfood 2019. The diversified gathering at the event is expected to make it yet another successful edition.

Live Cooking Competitions to Entice the Taste Buds

Live cooking will be amongst the biggest attractions for attendees at the Gulfood 2019. Several new cooking competitions have been announced at this year’s Gulfood, much to the delight of all foodies. The aroma of fresh food will mesmerize everyone as multiple live cooking events will be arranged during the four-day event.

One of the most awaited cooking competitions at the 2019 Gulfood will be “A World of Tastes”, where international chefs will compete to showcase global diversity of food. In another competition named, Barbecue Masters, the UAE-based restaurants will go head to head to win the best taste award for US-style Barbecue. The rich and diversified culinary experience is expected to make the headlines as professional chefs from around the world will exhibit their expertise on a global food platform.

New Players and Old Players explore new growth avenues in Import and Export of Food Products

From a wave of major consolidation in the upstream food chain, there definitely seems to be an appetite to grow and expand. Some major recent developments include Tyson’s acquisition of keystone foods for $2.16 Billion in 2018, WH Group acquisition of Smithfield for $7.1 Billion in 2013, Hormel having spent $2.9 Billion on acquisitions alone and Brazil based JBS having grown bigger and bigger through acquisitions of new meat brands and products. On the other hand, the downstream has come under the amazon effect and Amazon’s acquisition of whole Foods for $13.7 Billion in 2017 has spurred grocers to rethink their tech strategies and brands to reconsider their distribution model. 

Innovations in F&B industry have been all the rage nowadays and new startups with tech-based solutions are making inroads into improving the scope for digitalization. These companies are working on innovative approaches for products and ingredients and applying new ways of tracking the supply chain and logistics. All these developments have been aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction as with the Amazon effect on retail & marketing, consumers are changing their shopping patterns from offline to online.

Safe and reliable shipping of food remains a key to maintaining high standards in delivery of food and beverage products. The 2019 Gulfood is expected to bring forth cutting-edge food shipping solutions to set new benchmarks for quality and sustainability in import and export of food to and from the UAE.

Representatives of many well-reputed shipping companies in UAE and across Middle East will discuss new growth avenues, particularly the digitization of the processes involved in the shipping of food. For instance, Maresk will showcase the RCM (Remote Control Management) of their refrigerated reefer container and Trade lens will unveil their innovative approach for tracking of food supply chain.

The foundation for digitalization of importing food to the UAE has already been laid by Qafila, which is one of the emerging digitalize freight forwarding companies of the region. Qafila is armed with the latest technologies to bring the world closer with state-of-the-art digitalized shipping solutions. Qafila serves a multitude of industries including the Food and Beverage Industry and helps make the import of food to the UAE effortless, saving time and effort of the manufacturers.

Key Takeaways!

Food enthusiasts from around the world are eagerly awaiting the 24th edition of the world’s largest food event, Gulfood. The famous food event will attract a diversified audience with a wide range of attractions including seminars, panel discussions and cooking events. With a wealth of exciting activities, rich culinary experience and an exceptionally versatile appeal, the 24th edition of the Gulfood is all set to maintain its reputation of being the most celebrated food event of the year.

If you are planning to import food products from any part of the world to the UAE, then don’t forget that with Qafila, a digital freight forwarder in UAE, you can do it quickly and in a hassle-free manner all with the power of a click.

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