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UAE Detergents and Disinfectants Registration | A Brief Guide

Detergents are substances or preparations containing soaps or surface tension co-efficient, used in cleaning or washing activities. These can be used domestically or industrially and can be in the form of liquid, powder, cake, bar, etc. A disinfectant is an example of a biocide, which is a product or preparation containing one or more active ingredients intended to deter, destroy, render harmless, prevent the action, or exert a controlling effect on any harmful organism by chemical or biological means. 

Due to the nature of these products, they have the potential of being harmful to the environment and human health. As such, there’s a need to regulate these products’ manufacture, sales, and importation. Based on Local order No.11, 2003, the health and safety department of the Dubai Municipality demands the registration of all detergents and disinfectants intended to be manufactured, sold, or imported in Dubai and UAE. 

This registration requires manufacturers, suppliers, importers, distributors, retailers, consumers, and any other concerned party to take several steps needed to reveal the safety of the products. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will dive deeper into detergent and disinfectant product registration in Dubai and UAE. 

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The objectives of Detergents and Disinfectants Registration in UAE 

As already stated earlier, the objective of registering detergents and disinfectants is to better ensure the safety of the public and to protect consumer health. Because detergents and disinfectant products put on the market in Dubai must not cause any harm to human health when applied under normal conditions, these products are analyzed to check their suitability for public use. 

To verify the safety of the products, the product’s presentation, labeling, instructions for use and disposal, as well as any other information provided by the manufacturer or authorized agent or any other person responsible for placing the product in the Dubai market, are taken into consideration. 

In addition to safeguarding the health of humans, cleaning product registration also safeguards the health of animals and protects the environment from pollution. Special attention is paid to protecting the health of vulnerable groups such as old people or immune-compromised people. 

List of Detergent Products

Detergents can be classified into three groups based on usage.

Detergent Cleaners:

Products in this group are used for washing and/or cleaning processes. Some examples are 

  • Laundry and fabrics powder 
  • Laundry and fabrics liquids 
  • Fabric softeners 
  • Soap bar 
  • Washing tablets 
  • Bleaching chemicals and color removal 
  • Surface and floor cleaners 
  • Multi-purpose cleaners 
  • Dishwashing liquids 
  • Dishwashing machine liquids 
  • Bathroom cleaners 
  • Carpet cleaners 
  • Drain cleaners 
  • Drain openers 
  • Carpet cleaners 
  • Glass cleaners 
  • Oven cleaners 
  • Furniture cleaners 
  • Stain remover 
  • Wood cleaners 
  • Car wash products, etc. 

Business-to-Business (B2B)/ Industrial / Institutional Products:

Products in this group are not sold in the retail market. They are sold directly through B2B marketing. Examples include 

  • Industrial detergent cleaners 
  • Hotel amenities detergents 
  • Institutional detergent chemicals 
  • Professional use detergents 

Food and Feed Area:

Products in this group are used for cleaning containers, equipment, consumption utensils, and surfaces associated with the production, transport, storage, or consumption of food and feed for humans and animals. Examples include 

  • Hard surface detergent to be used in a slaughterhouse 
  • Vegetables and fruit wash products 
  • Detergent products used in food production areas 

Who Should go Through the Product Registration Application? 

Anyone responsible for importing or locally manufacturing detergents and disinfectants, or any delegate is responsible for cleaning product registration of the products. Below are those that should apply for the registration of detergents and disinfectants 

  1. Local manufacturers: They are expected to have a valid industrial license with a relevant activity. Local manufacturers are expected to contact the registration and permit section for proper guidance on the registration of detergent products and also take necessary steps to ensure that these products are registered before placing them on the market. 
  2. Agent: Also expected to have a valid trade license with a relevant activity, they must take necessary steps to ensure that detergent and disinfectant products intended for sale in the local market are registered before consignments of such products are imported into Dubai, and before placed locally manufactured products in the market. 


How to Register Detergent and Disinfectant Products in Dubai 

According to Local order No. 11/2003, Dubai Municipality regulates that no detergent or disinfectant products will be manufactured, imported, exported, advertised, sold, or distributed in Dubai unless it is registered in the Montaji system. The individuals or establishments responsible for the activities related to the detergent products are also required to be licensed in Dubai. 

The process allows the regulation and permits section to gather all the necessary information needed to ascertain the safety of the products. The following are the steps that should be taken for detergent and disinfectant product registration in Dubai 

  • Login to www.dm.gov.ae 
  • Choose services 
  • Consumer Product Registration Service (Montaji) 
  • Run service 

In addition, applicants for the registration of these products must fulfill the following conditions 

  • Must be a company incorporated in Dubai 
  • Have a warehouse in Dubai 
  • Have a trade license in Dubai indicating activities related to Detergents 

Documents Required for Detergents and Disinfectant Registration in Dubai 

The following documents are required for cleaning product registration with the Registration and Permit section of the Health and Safety department of the Dubai Municipality. 

  • A current free sale certificate (FSC) issued by the health authorities or recognized bodies in the country of origin 
  • An ingredient data sheet (IDS) issued by the manufacturer in the country of origin, signed and sealed by the R&D department. 
  • Laboratory test report issued by an accredited laboratory in UAE or any part of the world, showing satisfactory results for various chemical tests carried out on the detergent product. 
  • Current Safety Data Sheet (SDS) issued by recognized bodies in the country of origin. The SDS should comply with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) and contain all the necessary information and headings. 
  • Safety Assessment report/Study issued by recognized accredited bodies in the country of origin. This document is requested for products such as those that include nano ingredients and Food contact products. 

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