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The Guide to Shipping from Turkey to UAE

Shipping from Turkey to the UAE

The Republic of Turkey, located between Europe and Asia, is a country of diverse cultures, beliefs, ideas, nature, and history.

This guide provides you the shipping mode between Turkey and UAE, Transit time, cost, major seaports and airports of both countries, customs clearance in UAE, and what is the best option for air freight or sea freight.

Turkey has long been at the crossroads of significant trading, silk, and spice pathways. It is also known for its abundance and diversity of handicrafts, cuisine, music, customs, traditions, and its imperial legacy.

The country is home to two Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: the Temple of Artemis and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.

When we talk about Turkey, It is a country with a lot of industries, exports, Technology, and the most important thing it relies on is its people.

On the other hand, the UAE comes out quite well when it comes to infrastructure, innovation, and GDP per capita.

Turkey is the largest manufacturing base in the MENAT and it seems to be in a position to meet the future economic demand originating from affluent societies of the Gulf countries, whose imports are 90% composed of manufactured goods.

Let’s talk about the mode of shipping between Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

What are the Different Options for Shipping from Turkey to the UAE?

Turkey has worked hard over the last decade to rebuild and improve relations with its Arab allies. Economic contacts are a weapon for Turkey to accomplish its foreign policy goal of “Zero problems with neighbors.”

When we talk about shipping goods from Turkey to UAE, there are only two options:

  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight

The cost of air freight is generally 4–5 times that of road transport and 12–16 times that of marine freight, which limits demand. Airfreight costs normally vary from $3.00 to $6.00 per kilogram, whereas air cargo values frequently surpass $7.00 per kilogram.

Documents, medications, fashion clothes, factory samples, electronics consumer items, and perishable agricultural and fisheries products are examples of commodities delivered by air that have high production values or are extremely time-sensitive. Potted herbs, electronic equipment, and fresh fruit and veg are the major exports delivered by air from impoverished countries.

On the flip side, over 90% of global trade is handled by the sea — and in certain countries, even more. Ocean freight is a technique of shipping containerized cargo that is loaded onto vessels by the ocean.

In Sea freight, we have another two options.

  • Full container load (FCL)
  • Less than Container Load (LCL)

You can keep your inventory low by using LCL while FCL would be much less expensive than LCL.

If your warehouse lacks the resources or ability to accommodate a full container, LCL is a better option then. LCL allows you to ship in lower amounts, allowing you to keep your supply lean. Instead of buying in bulk from suppliers, you may utilize LCL to maintain a constant flow of goods in smaller amounts.

In contrast, FCL is supplied more rapidly than LCL. Because an FCL consignment arrives at the port, it is unloaded off the vessel and delivered to the buyer.

However, LCL is more difficult since it necessitates extra procedures such as mixing multiple shipments, processing numerous papers per container, and then sorting products for each client. There is the possibility of a delay at each stage.

What would be the cost to ship cargo from Turkey to the UAE? 

When transporting items from Turkey to UAE weighing less than 100kg, the cost of ocean versus air freight doesn’t generally differ much. In such conditions, many firms opt for the quickest alternative, which is typically air freight. If your products weigh more than 100 kg, shipping by sea is generally less expensive than shipping by air. 

Depending on the following factors, the cost of transporting freight from Turkey to the UAE: 

  • The nature of the items you’re moving 
  • The dimensions, weight, and volume of those articles 
  • Mode of transportation of choice  
  • The distance between the place of origin and the point of destination 
  • The sort of delivery service you seek (such as Port-to-Port or Door-to-Door) 

What will be the Transit Time to ship cargo from Turkey to UAE? 

Transit time is the entire amount of time it takes for products to travel from point A to point B, measured in hours or days. Many factors might come into play when establishing an anticipated transit time, depending on where the item is originating and where it is eventually to be transported. 

Shipping a container from Turkey to the UAE is a lengthy procedure that should take between 11 and 38 days. Transit times are determined by your choice of ports, the carrier’s route, and whether you choose LCL or FCL shipment. In the case of Airfreight, it takes 1- 2  days from Istanbul to Dubai.

How long does it take to ship goods from Turkey to the UAE by Ocean? 

Port of Ambarli to Jebel Ali15 days FCL
Port of Istanbul to Port Khalid15 days FCL
Port Izmit Korfezi to Port Rashid16 days FCL
Port of Gemlik to Jebel Ali15 days FCL

Major Seaports & Airports in Turkey and UAE

What are the Major Seaports in Turkey? 

Haydarpasa, Ambarl, Izmir, and Mersin are Turkey’s four main cargo ports. Except for Ambarli, the other three ports are run by a major government organization called TCDD (Turkish State Railways). We are providing the list below of the busiest ports in Turkey. 

Rank  Port Name Location  TEU (2018) 
Port of Marsin Marsin 1.722.711 
Marport- port of Istanbul Beylikdüzü, İstanbul 1,573,600 
Kumport- Port of Ambarli  Istanbul Strait 1,258,294 
Port of Asyaport Tekirdağ, Barbaros 1,117,749 
Port of Alsancak Izmir 610,908 
DP World Yarımca port Kocaeli’s Körfez 575,869 
Yılport Gebze Kocaeli 551,726 
Gemport Bursa 524,652 
Evyapport Marmara 464,756 
10 Nemport Izmir 390,071 

What are the Major Airports in Turkey? 

Turkey is a country that spans two continents, Europe and Asia. It has 58 airports, both domestic and international, from which to fly anywhere in the country or around the world. The developed airports offer significant convenience in terms of international links as well as access to every part of the country. 

In comparison to Turkish seaside cities like Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum, and Marmaris, the capital Ankara receives few tourists. Here we will give selected information about the busiest airports in turkey. 

Rank Airport IATA Location Passengers  (2019) 
Istanbul Airport IST Istanbul 52,009,220 
Antalya Airport AYT Antalia 35,679,421 
Sabiha Gökçen Airport SAW Pendik 35,465,508 
Istanbul Sabiha Gökcen Airport SAW Istanbul 35,560,610 
Ankara Esenboga Airport ESB Ankara 13,740,595 
Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport ADB Izmir 12,365,256 
Adana Airport ADA Seyhan 5,057,788 
Dalaman Airport DLM Muğla 4,905,019 
Milas-Bodrum Airport BJV Bodrum 4,337,733 
10 Trabzon Airport TZX Ortahisar 3,770,878 

In The United Arab Emirates, What Are the Main Seaports?

The UAE has numerous seaports. The UAE is home to two of the world’s top 50 container ports, according to the World Shipping Council. Here are the top 5 busiest ports in the United Arab Emirates.

RankPort NameLocationTEU(2019)
1Port Jebel Ali (AEJEA)Dubai71 million
2Mina Zayed(AEMZD)Abu Dhabi767,000 TEUs
3Mina Rashid (AEPRA)Dubai22.4 million
4MinaKhalid (AEKHA)Sharjah 
5Khor Fakkan(AEKLF)Sharjah2 million

What Are the Major Airports in The United Arab Emirates?

United Arab Emirates’ international country code is AE or ARE. Some of the busiest airports in the UAE are listed below.

DXBDubai International AirportDubai84188
AUHAbu Dhabi International AirportAbu Dhabi5887
SHJSharjah International AirportSharjah1678
DWCAl Maktoum International AirportJebel Ali1140

Major Airlines Based in the UAE

EYEtihad (Etihad Airways)105
G9Arabia (Air Arabia)66
FZFly Dubai66

What Documents Do You Need for Customs Clearance in the UAE?

Customs clearance in UAE will take place there, which usually takes 4-7 days. This time range might change throughout the year. Deliveries to major cities are generally made within 7 days of approval.

The Bill of Lading, if it is ocean freight or the Airway Bill, if it is air freight, will be required initially. Which will be exchanged with the delivery order from the relevant shipping company or airline. A freight forwarder will create the import papers and submit the request to customs after they have received the delivery order and all necessary documents.

To clear the customs of an import shipment arriving at a seaport or airport in UAE, you must have all of the above-mentioned documents.

Which One Is Better: Sea Freight VS Airfreight?

Freight is frequently the most expensive component of the supply chain. Businesses must be concerned with the logistics of freight and the extra costs that may impact their profit margins. Duties and GST, storage fees, demurrage fees, detention fees, inspection fees, waiting time, additional fuel surcharges, and so on are all things to keep in mind.

These are some key factors you need to be considered when you choose a mode of transportation:

  • Airfreight is significantly faster but typically more expensive than sea freight.
  • Both forms of transportation are dependable, but both might have unforeseen delays.
  • Sea freight is generally more ecologically friendly than air freight. Sea freight is better suited for larger loads than air freight.
  • Before making a choice, always examine the market’s urgency, the conditions of your customer contracts, and the activities of your rivals.

Consider longer-distance transport options for less-urgent cargo. Request that your forwarder compare various flights and/or shipping lines to get the top option for your business.

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