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Ship Fresh Salmon: How to Ship Salmon Internationally

Guide to Ship Salmon

“ One fish in your net is better than ten thousand in the river.” 

You can take this saying like this, what if this one fish would be salmon. This is the most beneficial from a health perspective. It’s also called ‘Rawas’. 

Studies say Salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids with a great source of protein and potassium. It also contains antioxidants and Astaxanthin which reduce the risk of heart disease. So, there are lots of benefits in this single species.  

In this article, we will know how to ship fresh salmon internationally, the global trade ranking of Salmonidae, the top 10 import and export countries of salmon, and what is the average cost of shipping fresh Salmon internationally. 

Sometimes, it’s annoying when you live in a place where there is no river or sea at all and you’re fond of seafood, especially fish. Somehow, you manage to have delicious Salmon on your dinner table.  

Now let’s discuss how it is brought to your plate. 

First of all, we need to know about countries that export and import Salmon internationally. 

According to Global Salmonidea trade, the top exporter of salmon fish in 2020 was the United Kingdom and the top importer of salmon fish was France. 

Global Salmonidae trade ranking is mentioned in the chart below: 

Global Salmonidae trade Ranking

Top 10 exporters of Salmon from 2013 to 2020  

Top 10 exporters of Salmon from 2013 to 2020

Top Exporting Countries in 2020 are: 

Top Exporting Countries in 2020

Top 10 importers of salmon from 2013 to 2020 

Top 10 importers of salmon from 2013 to 2020

Top Importing Countries of salmon in 2020 are: 

Top Importing Countries of salmon in 2020

Well, packaging plays the main role when you ship fresh or live salmon internationally. Both processes need different packaging as well as the storage process. 

There are two options to ship and pack salmon overseas: 

  • Packaging of Live Salmon 
  • Packaging of fresh frozen Salmon 

Packaging for Frozen Salmon?

For shipping fresh salmon internationally, there are different types of containers are used such as: 

  • Two-piece wax box 
  • Foam box 
  • Plastic cooler/ CF-60 fold-up box 

Something you need to think about when you ship fresh salmon internationally, how to select the right box or container for shipping salmon, how will the fish be packed if the fish is in whole, fillets, or cut into sizes, and what is the duration time required to its destination? 

In the case of a wax box, it doesn’t come with insulation but is available in different sizes. These boxes don’t have a liner so you should make sure your fish must be secure inside. 

On the other hand, the foam box is used to keep frozen or fresh fish for over 24hours. It doesn’t require an outer corrugated box and is also reusable.  

While the TRY fold 50lb is constructed with a double corrugated non-waxed box. This flat and easy setup box requires tape for the top and bottom flaps. It’s designed to keep frozen salmon fish for up to 12 to 18 hours with no refrigerant. 

packaging of sea foods.
source: FedEx

For further details read the article shipping seafood internationally. 

Packaging for fresh or live Salmon? 

Buy plastic bags that are specially made for shipping live fish with flat bottoms and at least 4 mils thick. 

Use containers or boxes that are suitable for shipping live salmon. You can order online available in all sizes. 

Then, putting a single fish in each plastic bag it’s the safest method. 

Now, fill the bag half full of water and put salmon in it. Leave enough space for oxygenated air in the bag. You need to check how many fish can fit in a single bag. But, it would be better to put only one fish in the bag. 

Then, twist, fold and tie the primary bag with a tie band, put it into multiple bags, and tie them again. You can use double and triple packing of plastic bags for safety. 

Place this bag into the styrofoam box with packing peanuts to fill the space or you can use newspapers. 

Seal the styrofoam box. Again, place it into the cardboard box and wrap it with packing tape. 

In the end, paste the label on the box “LIVE FISH”, “THIS SIDE UP”, FRAGILE”  

In large and clear letters, write the recipient’s address in the middle of the box and also write the return address in the upper left corner. 

To avoid spoilage or deteriorating condition, add pure oxygen gas to the bags and temperature should be controlled during shipment. Use Ice packs but don’t put them in the bottom of the package. 

The other option is to use a reliable courier service so you can save your time and other expenses. It would be cost-effective. 

What is the average cost of Shipping Fresh Salmon?  

Charges included in the cost are: 

  • Total Solman price 
  • Vacuum pack charges 
  • Approx. yield 
  • Insulated box and gel ice 
  • Carrier charges 
  • Approx. additional weight 

Different factors will also affect Salmon total prices like: 

  • Depends on the area or location 
  • Depends on the season 
  • Farm-raised / wild / Organic 
  • Various types 

Salmon has different types so their prices are: 
The average price of King Salmon per pound: $18 
The average price of Chinook Salmon per pound: $18 
The average price of Coho/Silver Salmon per pound: $19 
Salmon air freight cost depends on their types and sizes. Average prices of Salmon depending on their types, area, where it is brought, and availability. So, the pricing structure is based on the per pound model or prices could be affected by a season or availability. 

Why Insurance is Important for Fresh Salmon

Having insurance is a vital part when you move your goods internationally. To protect your valuable shipment it could cover damage due to decay or spoilage if air cargo exceeds 48 hours. 
Especially when it comes to seafood or fresh salmon. Because it can be contaminated if it’s not well taken care of. The insurance policy covers all the risks, physical loss or damage, and damage of shipmen. So, it would be a wise decision. 

General custom clearance for frozen and fresh Salmon 
For general custom clearance, you need these documents: 
Airway Bill 
Certificate of origin 
Commercial invoice 
Health Inspection Certificate 
Shipper’s certificate for live animal 
Insurance Certificate 
CITES Certificates 

For further detail read our article about shipping seafood internationally.
The Bottom Line 
You need to take an innovative approach to ship fresh salmon internationally. So, its taste remains fresh and juicy. The second thing that you need to consider is Speed. Airfreight is the best solution for this purposeJust hire the fastest carrier service so your shipment delivers on time. 

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