Qafila provides ocean freight services to its clients in Dubai to Make international shipping of goods reliable and cost-effective. Many different services are part of ocean freight shipping, and customers must opt for a service provider that offers value for money and provides efficient services at affordable rates. The quality and efficiency matter a great deal in ocean freight services, and through our digital freight forwarding platform, we ensure that your cargo reaches the desired destination at the right time in the most cost-effective way.

Ocean freight shipping is highly coordinated and gives the freedom to customers to ship their cargo virtually anywhere in the world. The massive global coverage ensures convenient delivery of goods from one destination to another through ocean freight shipping.

Ocean freight shipping is quite different to air freight shipping. While air freight is safe, sharp and precise, ocean freight is resourceful, reliable, and affordable. Customers need to identify their requirements for cargo shipping and decide the method of shipping accordingly. Ocean freight shipping is the ideal method for shipping large volumes of good, which gives it a clear edge over other available methods.

Benefits of Ocean Freight Dubai

There are plenty of benefits associated with ocean freight forwarding process, the most prominent of which is having the additional cargo shipping space. Ocean freight is one of the most affordable methods for shipping goods overseas, and this is what makes it the preferred option for several customers in Dubai. Qafila, as a digital freight forwarder, brings all the benefits of ocean freight shipping into the easy access of its customers in Dubai.

Here are the key ocean freight forwarding services and their benefits:

Additional Cargo Volume with Full Container Load

Full Container Load (FCL) shipping offers customers an advantage of additional volume for shipping of their goods. FCL is an ideal method of shipping for customers who want to transport their goods in an independent container without needing to share it with others as is it happens in Less than Container Load (LCL) shipping. Full Container Load shipping is the most cost-effective option when transporting over 15 cubic meters of cargo. FCL also has fast transit times, which means the cargo is transported to the end destination without any unnecessary delays, thanks to the limited need for cargo handling in FCL shipping.

Ocean Freight Dubai

Cost-effective shipping of Smaller Cargo with LCL Shipping

Less than Container Load is another useful service that is part of ocean freight shipping. This is usually the preferred choice of customers who require smaller cargo volume. In this method of shipping, the container load is shared between multiple customers who have limited cargo volume requirement. This is a cost-effective method for overseas shipping of goods as the shipping cost is shared between various customers. Another benefit of the LCL shipping is the low inventory investment, which saves the cost of international shipping significantly.

Wheeled Cargo Shipping made easy with Roll-on/Roll-off Method

This service allows easy shipping of wheeled cargo such as cars, trucks, trailers and semi-trailer trucks. In Roll-on/Roll-off shipping, the wheeled cargo is rolled into the shipping vessels using a platform vehicle. Multiple vehicles can be rolled in at a time through this method, which makes it a fast and cost-effective shipping solution.

Temperature-controlled shipping with Reefer Containers

Reefer containers can be used for temperature-controlled shipping of goods. It is an ideal method of shipping for food products. Specially designed temperature-controlled containers are used for ocean freight shipping of products, which makes it one of the safest and most reliable types of shipping methods.

Why choose us for Ocean Freight Dubai?

Qafila is a digital freight forwarding company that offers a vast variety of shipping solutions for its customers in Dubai. Qafila specializes in ocean freight shipping and delivers the ease of shipping goods overseas through a highly coordinated global shipping network. Customers can transport their goods anywhere in the world with the help of highly efficient ocean freight forwarding services offered by Qafila.

Ocean Freight Forwarding Dubai

The standout features of our ocean freight forwarding services include:

• Availability of a vast array of ocean freight services including FCL, LCL and Roll-on/Roll-off services
• Instant online booking
• Real-time tracking of shipment
• Data-driven insights to unlock new potential in your supply chain
• Sea Freight Logistics support
• 24/7 customer support service

As a modern-day ocean freight forwarder, Qafila is well-equipped to cater to the requirements of its customers in Dubai. The biggest advantage that customers get with the services offered by Qafila is the international coverage available with most of the freight forwarding services. Tracking ocean freight shipments also becomes easier with the help of our advanced freight forwarding platform. Our customer support team provides round the clock assistance to customers to maintain the highest standards for quality and reliability in our services.

Upgrade Your Freight Forwarding Experience With Qafila.