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Mobile Phone Freight | How to Ship Internationally

Mobile Phone Freight Internationally

Won’t you just hate it if your phone’s cargo returns without shipment? Well, let me tell you it is possible. But no worries, we’ve got the right track for you. 

The phones have recently been in great demand. It is mainly due to online works and educational activities from home. If you are launching your new models of phones across the border and want to know a reliable process to do so then this guide is for you. 

According to Statista, in 2020, cell phone vendors sold around 1.38 billion smartphones worldwide. This number seems to be just increasing this year. In this article we’ll share with you how can you also ship your phones internationally in an effective manner with the help of this guide? But wait! There are a few things you must not forget.  

Few important things to keep in mind for shipping phones internationally 

  • You need approval from the Telecommunication Authority. The consignee of the shipment must get it. 
  • The phones come under the category of DG (dangerous goods). This means they need special packaging. 
  • These are high valued goods and require quick shipment by air. 

What kind of phones can you ship internationally? 

For transportation of mobile phones, you can ship any sort of phone. They can be Smartphones, tabs, landline phones, etc.  

You’ll have to provide the required documentation with them which I’ll discuss below. Along with that the safety measures and packing have also certain guidelines for you. 

What are the regulations on shipping phones internationally? 

If you are shipping the phones for the first time then it is important to know a few guidelines. There are a few other requirements for shipping the phones online. These are to prevent any kind of inconvenience later on.  

You need to take care of the documentation as well as the safety measures like the packaging. 

There are a few guidelines you need to follow before shipping the cell phones. Especially, in terms of safety because there are lithium batteries. These batteries can even explode on overheat. 

Therefore, the most important step is to take care of its safe packaging. 

Packaging of Mobile Phones for Shipping 

  • Choose cardboard to keep the packing safe. Because it will secure the phone if the box is hard.  
  • Avoid selecting a spacious box for a phone otherwise, it will keep moving inside. A box that is fit for the phone is advisable. 
  • You should use bubble wrappers to make it secure further.  
  • You’ll need to fill the extra gaps with some paper or cardboard in the packaging process. This will prevent the phone from moving.  
  • Don’t forget to place the other accessories along with the phone as well. 
  • Make sure all the phones are off. This way the batteries will have the least chance of exploding. 
  • To ensure safety you must stick the label of UN3481 and if any box has two lithium batteries or more then you have to stick this label on that box. 
packaging for mobile phone for air freight

Why is Airfreight a preferred mode for shipping mobile phones? 

Since cell phones keep evolving and the companies are launching new models every year, the companies want the latest models to reach the public as soon as possible. Air Freight is always a preference due to the urgent demand. 

What do the Air services offer? 

In terms of shipping high-value goods as mobile phones, air shipping is beneficial for you. Because usually, the mobile phone freight is not that large to need a container thus, it is better to opt for the Airfreight service. 

Airfreight is a bit costly, but it takes less transit time like 2-3 days. Nevertheless, If you compare it with ocean service, then it can take around 30 days for your goods to reach the retail shops. There are plenty more benefits of Air Freight for you. 

What is an effective way of Packing the phones for shipping 

Now, the transportation of mobile phones can be unsafe. It is only if the phones are not packed according to the standards. So, let’s come to another very important step which is about packing your mobile phones. It is to keep your mobile phone freight secure. 

It is very important to take preventive measures especially in packaging the phones. You’ll have to take the following steps: 

  • First, we wrap our smartphone inside bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard.  
  • Then, we put everything in a padded envelope even if we have the original packaging of our device.  
  • Subsequently, we carry out an over-packing; that is, we put the padded envelope inside a larger box. 

This procedure serves to protect the appliance from shocks and stresses during transit.  

  • With an online courier, you only have to attach the shipping label to the package and that’s it. 
  • Don’t leave the Container with space 
  • As far as the Container is concerned, it should be filled.  
  • The spaces should be covered with any cloth or even cardboard. This would keep them safe from any kind of movement. 

But here is another important step for you. And yeah, it could be a little tricky too. It is documentation. 

Let’s read about the required documents for the mobile shipment. 

What are the Documents required for Mobile shipping? 

1. Safety Data Sheets 

You have to provide the safety data sheets to ensure that all the equipment is safe and well tested. Without this, you cannot continue with your importing or exporting of your phones. 

2. A packing list is another vital document. 

It is a mandatory document, without which it is not possible to receive cargo at customs. It is an attachment to the invoice (invoice) – a packing list.  

A packing list (packing list) is drawn up by the sender. This list is necessary to open the export declaration and is an addition to the invoice. 

Other requirements

You’ll have to conduct various other testings for shipping overseas. Especially, in the EU market. Along with it, you must submit other certifications and stick labeling as well. These will be like the CE labeling. 

This is no secret to you anymore that shipping abroad can be much more profitable. This is as compared to shopping in stores in your home country. And for successful overseas shipping, it is important to know a couple of things: 

  • Selling and buying something belong to the sphere of economic transactions. It is regardless of geographic origin. This means that there are legal regulations for them.  
  • Today, the main controller in the system of tax regulation in the trade field is the customs service. It is, therefore, extremely useful to understand the mechanisms of customs work. 

These are the vital indicators on which the Customs operations depend.  

  • Weight,  
  • dimensions,  
  • investment cost  
  • Delivery cost. (In some cases) 

The cost can become complicated if these indicators are not determined.  

For purchases in online stores, the value is there in the declaration by the data on the purchase invoice. The customs officers can also determine the value of your goods. It is in the case if price information isn’t available on the parcel. This is a legislative procedure in the absence of confirming price information. The officers can determine the value of goods by one of the following methods: 

  • Analysis of the cost of an identical product 
  • Analysis of the cost of a homogeneous product 
  • Subtraction method 
  • Addition method 
  • Fallback method 

Things might be easy for you now. You can also, for this reason, contact a reliable Freight Forwarder. Because they will carry out all the documentation work for you. 

How can Qafila help in shipping phones? 

This might surprise you to know that Qafila is a digital freight forwarder. They allow you to track your freight anytime anywhere. Qafila would save your time because with a single click you’ll be able to book or ship anywhere from anywhere.  

If you’re looking for a service that can provide you fast turnaround for the delivery then Qafila is there for you. It transports goods on daily basis all across the globe.  

It involves all the modern technology provided to deliver the best service. And it will manage for you the least costs for your goods. Thus, your choice of Qafila will provide any service to help you out even in its mobile freight services. 

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