How You can Expand Your Business Through Fashion Logistics?

If you are the owner of an online fashion store, we, at Qafila, are your options of growing your business to international standards. We are the best providers of fashion logistics giving you the best means of transport for your products at a very nominal cost. We understand how difficult it is to establish a company and are more than happy to ensure that everything runs smoothly for you.

To reach new heights in the world of fashion, it is very necessary to have the best fashion logistics with you. Only by delivering your products to your own customers you would be able to create a customer base for yourself. If you are scared of how to deliver your products to your customers on time then just give us a call!

Why Choose us for Fashion Logistics?

We are the best business to be hired for global fashion logistics primarily because we offer a range of transportation options to deliver your products through. In short, you would be able to sell your fashion products from USA to Dubai without any problem. Here are a few of the options provided by us for transporting your products

Fashion Logistics

Air Transport

This way you can ship your product within the day to another country. There would be many a time when a customer would ask you to deliver a product on much shorter notice. They may be happy to pay the extra amount for it.

Saying no is not an option if you wish to expand your business but trusting us is! You can definitely use the air cargo services from our fashion Dubai Logistics Company to get your customer the select product on time. We would make it possible for you to do so.

Land Transport

Not every customer would ask for an out of country delivery. There would be customers or whom you need to deliver things locally. We are the best land freight services offering you the best services of fashion logistics Dubai and are more than capable of getting you what you so desire. Our diligent workers would see to it that your clothes or accessories reach their destination, on time as well as without any harm.

Sea Transport

As a leading company of fashion logistics Dubai we offer transport not only by the land and air but also by sea. Transportation through the sea route is considered to be the best way of delivering goods. It not only costs less but also gets your products safely through transit.

While sending a single product might be a little weird by sea there is no reason why you cannot use this means to transport a huge bulk of goods. Say, you have partnered up with a shop in another country and have to send the dresses from your clothing lines and other accessories there! Then this is the best means to send them through.

With us, at Qafila, in the helm, you would be spoilt for choices here, too. We offer shipping containers from 10 ft to 40 ft in both GP or general purpose and HC or high cube in size for you to choose from and the range of choice does not end there for you. There are six types of the shipping container that you can choose from in total and they are as follows –

  • Dry storage containers
  • Flat rack containers
  • Open side containers
  • Open top containers
  • Refrigerated containers
  • Tank containers


We, at Qafila, find that transparency is very important when it comes to working with customers, especially those who are considered to be business heads. Those who are literally putting what they have, in your hand, to transfer to another location.

We totally understand the anxiousness felt by customers not present during the time of the ship. Transparency is what we believe to invoke your trust in our fashion logistics when you transport the products right across the country.
If you wish to succeed in the fashion arena by selling products online not only would you need your talent for designing but also a great friend who would expand your customer base. We are the best people to do so, hence, give us a call!

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