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Functions or Roles of a Freight Forwarder

Functions or Roles of a Freight Forwarder

For the proper functioning of the supply chain, even if the business is small or large the complete awareness regarding the shipment process is mandatory. The logistics and freight forwarding companies assist different companies and organizations with both smaller and bigger business networks in performing the duties related to planning, storage, and transportation of goods, etc. These companies ensure the safe, secure, and timely transportation and storage of their goods. To run the business successfully in the increasingly complex business field, it is necessary to get rid of all kinds of confusion that may affect the understanding, functioning, and operations of the supply chain.

To understand the job and function of a freight forwarder, there is a need to have a clear concept of their definitions and a clear understanding of their jobs and duties that make them distinct from others.

Freight Forwarder

Freight forwarders are defined as the experts in the field of logistics and who manage the physical movement of the goods and products for exporters and importers. Freight Forwarder is a party engaged in all modes of the domestic or international transportation process by means of arranging to ship, preparing documentation, customs clearance, warehousing, and delivery. A freight forwarder is a specialist who follows up for the benefit of importers, exporters, or different organizations to ensure the safe and secure transportation of products. Along with that he/she makes sure that the delivery of the products is efficient and is made on time.


Freight Forwarders provide third-party logistics and supply chain services on behalf of a client. They have expertise in

  • Managing freight costs
  • Port charges
  • Costs of a special document
  • Insurance costs
  • Terminal fees handling

They focus on the supply chain working and, handle and monitor the transportation of the shipment and cargo from one place to another. They tie all the loose ends of the supply chain that need to be coordinated.  The freight forwarder being a multi-purpose agent handles the logistics operation on behalf of the owner and also provides advice and consultancy services.

What Does a Freight Forwarder do?

Freight forwarders decrease the pressure of worldwide shipping. The entire job of a freight forwarder is basically office-based and most of the time the offices are located in the industrial areas for convenience. The job of a freight forwarder can get stressful as a great part of the work is based on planning and coordination.

Prepare and Organize Means of Transportation:

The freight forwarder arranges the best means of transportation for their customers in accordance with the customers’ requirements and the types of goods they want to transport. For that he/she can choose

  • Shipping lines
  • Airlines
  • Road transportation
  • Rail transportation

Most of the times, the freight forwarding companies too provide these services. Their services and the medium they choose for transportation mainly varies with

  • The size and type of company
  • National or international transportation
  • Geographical areas
  • Types and amount of goods being hauled

Best Cost-Saving Option

The freight forwarders possess detailed knowledge related to the ports, timing, and the facilities of the ports, and, in this way, they advise the shippers to choose the best and cost-saving option possible. If you are a Digital Freight forwarder then you can assist your customers with an instant shipping quote.

Responsibilities of Freight Forwarder

The freight forwarders are also responsible for the arrangement and compilation of the various documentation related to the freight forwarding and logistics. These experts manage various tasks of

  • Managing transportation by air or sea despite the number of countries and manage multimodal transportation too
  • Stand for customer’s interest while negotiating logistics agreement rates with carriers that can be NVOCC or and Ocean carrier
  • Billing
  • Offer distribution facilities
  • Arrange inland transportation of the goods
  • Completion and processing of the documentation required for the movement of goods such as Bill of Lading, custom related documents, port documents, etc.
  • Booking or the confirmation the space on the ocean vessel
  • Issuing approved HBL
  • Arrangement of the transportation of cargo to the port by rail or truck
  • Helping out their clients with documents like Incoterms, letters of credit. Assist the customers with bank clearance, and give advice about the most efficient way to move their cargo.
  • Warehouse facilities for storing customer’s products before and after shipping.
  • Arrangement of insurance on behalf of the shipper

Responsibilities According to International Conventions

According to international traditions, Freight Forwarders have the following responsibilities

  • Giving CMR protection,
  • Provide legitimate permission for the transportation time frame.
  • Notify before shipping
  • Comply with ADR shipping conventions of harmful products

Travel Abroad

Travel during work or absence, for the time being, is not very common. In bigger firms of cargo forwarders, chances to travel or work abroad are often done by the experienced staff. The capacity to communicate in an unknown dialect is a favorable position and can be a key factor in choosing a possibility to work in an abroad area.

Peculiarities of a Freight Forwarder

There are certain characteristics that make a freight forwarder distinct from other logistics operators. These features include the following:

  • The freight forwarders are a part of an international association FIATA which is the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association.
  • The freight forwarders don’t hold any containers
  • The freight forwarders carry out the documentation procedures according to the international FIATA standards
  • They may act as an agent for NVOCC
  • The freight forwarders act as the agents for the importers and exporters
  • Usually, the freight forwarders have their own warehouses to store the products of their customers after loading the cargo from the ports.
  • Freight forwarders from different countries from all the corners of the world work together to discuss costs and bring improvements in deliveries.

How to Become a Freight Forwarder?

One can start one’s own business after gaining a remarkable and outstanding experience. There are numerous little single-office organizations managing customers in nearby and special zones with a specific sort of item or type of transport. The clothing regulation is ordinarily smart as meeting the customers is mostly required, yet casual clothing is also all right.

Education Background Required

One can enter this profession without proper education. But a degree in logistics, supply chain management, transport organizing, business, financial aspects, and other related professional fields can be exceptionally helpful. Freight Forwarding isn’t selective to graduates with a foundation in these fields, but the candidates from all other scholarly disciplines can likewise work there.

Set of Skills Required

Justifiably, one needs totally incredible skills that can help in better organization and the ability for tackling issues, meticulousness, and a capacity to flourish under tension.

Besides, having relational abilities to be top-notch, the ability that one is conversant in the other language, the odds of discovering work with an organization that bargains in imported or exported products and fares will be enormously improved. Along with that, some skills that make one a potential candidate to be a freight forwarder include the following skills

  • Good communication skills to deal with different customers
  • Able to impart clear meaning in communication, as serious issues could emerge through mistakes
  • Efficient organizing
  • Effective planning
  • Good teamworking
  • Understanding of culture
  • Awareness of the geographical conditions
  • Knowledge about the industry
  • adaptability and the capacity to adjust to changing conditions
  • critical thinking capacity, especially when working under pressure
  • Accuracy
  • Attention to detail
  • Computer proficiency

On the basis of a good set of language skills, you are bound to be offered chances to work abroad.

The Income of Freight Forwarders

Many freight forwarders work independently and run their own businesses. They also work as cargo and transport experts or potentially customs brokers. The salaried freight forwarders have different incomes based on their experience and expertise. Pay levels for cargo forwarders rely on

  • The market they are dealing in.
  • The area they work in
  • The type of organization they work for
  • The size of the organization

Those freight forwarders who work under some companies and are given monthly salaries can earn up to 15000 to 20000 pounds per anum, those with at least three years of experience can earn between 20000 to 245000 pounds per anum. Experts who are senior or with at least ten years of experience can have around 40000 pounds income per anum

Business Hours

Big cargo forwarding companies and transport organizations work consistently, giving all-day, everyday services. Consequently, workers usually work on a shift basis. Work is basically office-based.

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