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Freight & Logistics Market News (20 July, 26 July)


MyFinance platform will allow you to view 3rd party local charges invoice with your login and submit payment proof through the website to get the official receipt faster.

Please find the user manual, how to extract invoice copy for 3rd party customers from the website with your login, and submit payment proof through the website.





ADVISORY: SCT Single Customs Territory and New Requirement for TBL UGANDA ESL

Thanks for your support to our EAFA service. Regarding our previous notice on Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Single Customs Territory System for ALL cargoes to Uganda via Mombasa, Kenya effective in 2017, the local authority is recently imposing further requirements per attached circular.




ADVISORY: Generic Email Address: CMA CGM

To enhance customer experience, we will be implementing below mentioned generic email IDs for respective departments. 
Hence request to address your queries to correct email ID to obtain a quick response. 

As discussed during our telecom discussion, please convey the below changes to your colleagues as well. 

TopicEmail IDRemarks
New Booking Requestuae.bookings@cma-cgm.comUntil the receipt of booking confirmation, all communications to be addressed to uae.bookings@cma-cgm.com
Load List, Changes after Receipt of Booking Confirmationdxb.customerservice@cma-cgm.comAny queries after the receipt of booking confirmation, please address to dxb.customerservice@cma-cgm.com .Exclude uae.bookings@cma-cgm.com from the same mail.
SI submission and BL draft follow Upssc.aedocteam@cma-cgm.com & ssc.aeexportdocs@cma-cgm.comFor BL draft follow up, address tossc.aedocteam@cma-cgm.com & ssc.aeexportdocs@cma-cgm.com.
Escalations on BL drafts unavailability and changes /corrections on BLs.dxb.ccexpdocs@cma-cgm.comQueries related to BL drafts unavailability and changes after the receipt of the BL draft, please address dxb.ccexpdocs@cma-cgm.com.
Invoicesdxb.ccexpinv@cma-cgm.comAny queries related to invoices to be addressed to dxb.ccexpinv@cma-cgm.com

ADVISORY: Potential Dangerous Products MAERSK

There are various products in our daily use in our living environment that should be regarded as “dangerous goods” during transportation such as perfume (aerosol), pesticide, paint, resin, batteries, BBQ charcoal, and fireworks, etc. These goods can easily cause fires, explosions, or damage to the environment or life if there is an accident or leaking during transportation. 

Perfume is one of the Commonly transported class 3 dangerous goods include acetone, adhesives, paints, gasoline, ethanol, methanol, and some pesticides with flammable solvents. 

Dangerous goods (DG) pose a particularly high risk when transported in large quantities. They are more explosive, flammable, toxic, radioactive, or corrosive and harmful character to the environment. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the safety of dangerous goods during cargo operation stowage. In other words, shippers must fill out DG declarations and other related documents for shipside and shore side to proceed with emergency measures under the IMDG Code. 

Every cargo not correctly declared can endanger the safety of our crews, our assets, the environment and other customers’ cargo. 

As we continue to detect several misdeclarations, we are reiterating that a penalty fee of 5,000 USD per booking is being charged to all customers who miss-declare their dangerous cargo. And there will be no waivers given. Any other additional cost that will result from taking corrective action is also being charged on top of this fee. 

We continue to work towards reducing risks for all parties involved in the handling and transportation of cargo, as well as an overall industry improvement of safety and reliability. 


ADVISORY: Holiday Notice for Eid al Adha UAE

We would like to inform you that our UAE offices will remain closed from Thursday 30th July till Sunday 2nd August on account of Eid al Adha.

To ensure your business is uninterrupted and runs smoothly we are welcoming you to use our Original BL DROP OFF facility. This will provide you the advantage of receiving online Delivery orders once the Vessels arrive during this period and ready for import manifestation.

Kindly note that Maersk will honor contractual/Tariff free time applicable at shipment level only, and no additional free time for this holiday period will be provided.

You can now arrange to surrender Original B/L’s along with required authorization documents at UAE counters from 8 am till 4.30 pm before Wednesday 29th July 2020.

The business will resume on Monday 3rd August 2020

The counter will be operational on the below date and time for the DROP OFF facility.

1st August 2020 – 9 am to 2 pm

Our business addresses Ae.import@maersk.com , Ae.export@maersk.com & Uaepayments@maersk.com will be operating on the below dates for online delivery orders & Online B/L queries.

30th July 2020 – 9am to 3pm
31st July 2020 (Completely closed)
1st August 2020 – 9am – 3pm
2nd August 2020 – 9am – 3pm


ADVISORY: Temporary Suspension of View Confirmation Details Option in Inspection e-Service on Dubai Trade 

Below mentioned View Confirmation Details options will be disabled on Dubai Trade for a temporary period of time for system enhancement and improved customer experience and expected to be enabled by 7th August 2020. 

1- View Confirmation Details – Inspection Service Request 
2- View Confirmation Details – Inspection Booking Request 
3- View Confirmation Details – Truck Release Request 

During the period of temporary suspension of these three View Confirmation Details options on Dubai Trade, the following points should be taken care of for the smooth operation of inspection activities. 

Till the Permanent solution is provided to fix the View Confirmation Details Tab Clients can follow the below process to get the Booking Confirmation Timings. 

In order to View Confirmation time for your booking requests that are confirmed, Click on Track Inspection Request then Click on Booking Ref Number 

Clients can approach Inspectors at respective Customs Centers during the Confirmed Start Time with either an SMS/Print out/E-mail/Screenshot of any of the below

requests/reference number. 
1- Submitted Truck Release Request OR 
2- Confirmed Booking Reference Number OR 
3- Scheduled Service Request Number 

sharfuddin ajmuddin Maroof Eashan Riza 


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