The Dubai EXPO 2020 is scheduled to be held from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022, and preparations are in full swing. The global expo is expected to provide both public and private sector enterprises in the UAE and MENASA region (Middle East, North Africa and South Asia) with opportunities to grow manifold.

UAE’s economy growth rate is expected to reach an average of 10.5 percent by the end of 2021; more than double the present rate. This expected event is expected to bolster the same.

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‣   Over 25 million attendees are expected to gather from all over the world, making it the largest event to be ever hosted in the UAE. Over 190 countries and 26,000 companies have enrolled for the expo, planning to start a business in Dubai, ensuring unparalleled exposure and excellent networking opportunities.

‣  The aim of Expo 2020 is to address and increase awareness about the challenges humans face worldwide. It is an important initiative to highlight and execute UAE’s vision for 2021, to encourage planet preservation with sustainability, mobility and opportunity.

‣  Over 70% of the attendees are likely to arrive from outside the UAE. That will help create commercial opportunities, at the global level, for the private sector and SMEs (small and medium enterprises).

‣  The World Expo is likely to create numerous opportunities for overseas business ventures and contribute significantly to Dubai’s non-oil-based economy and the UAE economy widely.