There are so many reasons to like Sharjah for its heritage and therefore the heart for culture and industries within the UAE. It’s also the third most populous city within the United Arab Emirates after Dubai and the national capital

Sharjah Airport could be a very fashionable transshipment stop, especially for intermodal cargo, airfreight from Sharjah, or airfreight to Sharjah.

Sharjah, the third largest of the seven city-states that constitute the United Arab Emirates, is that the acclaimed hub of culture.

The United Arab Emirates has the central location to provide access to over two billion people with a maximum of four hours of traveling time. The UAE is continuously growing its imports and exports capabilities and firmly positioning itself as a world logistics hub.

Sharjah connects Dubai and Ajman, and it’s considered the cultural capital of the UAE.

Sharjah International Airport (SIA)

Every day, SIA welcomes thousands of travelers from across the globe. Over 11 million people more matured the airport in 2016.

In addition to supply passenger transportation, the airport handles Freight and Cargo and is that the third largest geographic region airfreight hub in terms of cargo tonnage.

Sharjah International Airport is additionally called the aviation hub for the town of Sharjah for its low-cost carrier Air Arabia.

There are some key facts of SIA:

Key Takeaways 

  • SIA was inbuilt in the 1970s and connected operation in January 1977. 
  • The freight center in Sharjah was established in 1979 and expanded in 1989. 
  • SIA may be a gateway to numerous destinations across the GCC, Asia, Africa, and Europe. 
  •  SIA became the primary airport within the GCC and Africa to supply IATA CEIV pharma-certified cargo handling services in April 2016. 
  • SIA is serving 150 airlines worldwide, 24 hours operations, and operating over 220 outlets at 88 airports in 16 countries. 

Which Airline Relies in Sharjah?

Air Arabia

Air Arabia, the MENA region’s first low-cost carrier, made its inaugural flight from its home base at Sharjah International Airport (SIA) in 2003. It was ranked third in a very list of top 50 global airlines compiled to UK-based Air finance Journal.

Air Arabia Cargo operates over 50 destinations throughout the network from Sharjah

Other Airlines Operating from Sharjah International Airport

  • Rossiya
  • Jordan Aviation
  • Cham Wings
  • Air Blue
  • Air Arabia
  • Etihad Cargo
  • Indigo
  • Air India
  • Air India Express
  • Egypt Air
  • Pakistan International Airline
  • Syrian Arab Airlines
  • Singapore airline Cargo
  • Lufthansa Cargo
  • Egypt Air Cargo
  • Air Peace
  • Pegasus Airline
  • Turkish Airline
  • Ethiopian Cargo
  • Kenya Airways
  • Atlas Air

SIA Cargo Capabilities

Sharjah International Airport Cargo has long pioneered air cargo development in the region. Its unique geographical positioning ensures it’s a thriving hub for cargo. Sharjah International Airport is one in all the region’s busiest logistics gateways for both domestics and international airfreight.

Also, Sharjah Aviation Services contain a fleet of active temperature-controlled equipment standing by both airside and landside, to cater to containerized and bulk shipment.

Airfreight to Sharjah, the five cargo terminals have a complete floor area of 32,000 sqm served by dedicated cargo aircraft parking positions, equipped to handle up to 16 aircraft of various types.

For who & why is taking air freight from Sharjah the optimal option? 

There are some main reasons for air freight Sharjah are: 

  • Sharjah features a duty-free zone where Sharjah-based companies can easily import their products and goods without paying any duties into Sharjah markets. 
  • It is near to the busy seaport, the Khalid port, and therefore the two other Deepwater ports: the Khorfakkan and Hamriyah port. 
  • It is a straightforward and hassle-free process for import and export as compared to Dubai. 
  • It has well-established logistics storage facilities and a transportation network. 
  • To easily facilitate and faster trade operations, it’s the perfect destination for international trading companies. 

When to Choose Sharjah for airfreight? 

You will choose airfreight Sharjah when you have: 

  • Emergency Freight or Critical goods 
    • Medical equipment 
    • Oil & Gas equipment/ spare parts 
    • Automotive Spare Parts 
    • Manufacturing and Plants spare parts 
    • Aerospace Spare parts 
  • Humanitarian Cargo 
    • Medicines and Vaccines 
    • Relief Cargo 
    • Natural disaster 
    • Safe and controlled transport of medical 
  • Missed Cargo or Rush Shipment 
    • Next day delivery 
    • Mail and parcels 
  • Short Shelf lives items 
    • Vegetables/Fruits/ Flowers 
    • Frozen Fisheries 
  • Season Goods or Fast Fashion stuff 
    • Newspaper and magazines 
    • Smartphones Launches 
    • Gadgets 
    • Fashion clothing (Zara) 
  • Electronic Components 
  • High Valuable freight 
    • Artwork 
    • Jewelry/ Gold 
    • Human Remain 
    • Currency 
    • Luxury Goods 
    • Financial documents 
  • Temperature-Controlled Pharma 
  • Restricted Product at Sharjah International Airport Cargo  
    • Dangerous Goods 
    • Live animals 
    • Fresh Meat 
    • Liquid Items 

How Can QAFILA help you?

Qafila helps you to come to a decision which mode of shipping is best for you after you must ship your goods to and from Sharjah or UAE and knows the pros and cons related to each of those methods and connection from the Airports of UAE to the world shipping network.

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Air Freight from Sharjah with QAFILA: The benefits

When it involves air freight from Sharjah, here Qafila encompasses a good relationship with many Air Freight Carriers to simplify your supply chain.

We provide these facilities: 

  1. Competitive Air Quote  
  2. Ability to barter Spot rate on your behalf  
  3. Custom and Clearance cardinal Cargo  
  4. Warehousing and Storage inside Sharjah Airport Free Zone  

Qafila offers many services to suit your unique shipping needs. We will facilitate you to get your time-critical shipment there faster. 

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How QAFILA is Different from other Freight Forwarders? 

We are taking logistics in an exceedingly direction and produce a replacement degree of transparency and suppleness to the industry. Our deep tech integration enables full transparency of shipments and ensures the best service level. 

Qafila creates flexibility by providing a visible overview of the availability chain. We concentrate on the digitization and automation of all logistics processes. We build an ecosystem that leads the industry into the 21st century with a replacement degree of transparency, efficiency, and adaptability. 

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Am I able to move duty-free cargo from Sharjah Airport to RAK FREEZONE?

Yes, Cargo in the RAK free zone shall not be subject to any Duty in regard to the amount they’ll remain there within the Free zone. The method is named a requirement Deposit from Sharjah Airport or Sharjah Seaport 

Am I able to store goods within the Sharjah Airport Free Zone?

Yes, you’ll store the products for a vast period counting on the sort and validity of the trade license. Sharjah Airport International Free zone incorporates a Customs department office, So, free zone companies are allowed to import goods into a Freeport without the payment of customs duties and VAT. 

Am I able to ship my cargo Duty-free from Sharjah Airport?

Yes, you’ll ship your cargo from Sharjah airport. 

Is Sharjah Airport’s Free Zone is Safe?  

Sharjah Airport International Freeport, also known as SAIF Zone, is one of the foremost exclusive free zones within the UAE. It’s a wonderful sea, land, and air transportation link, regionally and globally. 

What is that the document required for free zone importing and exporting goods?  

The required documents are: 

  • Customs bill (from the terminal of arrival) 
  • Invoice 
  • Packing list 

What are the steps for Air Cargo booking

  • First, goods/cargo should be packed well then check the dimension and weight 
  • Second, send asking to the local freight forwarder at Air Arabia then they’ll send you a proposal back 
  • Charges of airlines, airfreight, fuel, local, and security also. 
  • After accepting the offer, you want to have sent the commercial invoice for the custom clearance 
  • Finally, pass the airport procedures locally then get in the cargo, pick an acknowledgment receipt, and inform the consignee about the arrival status. 

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